Wappulounas part uno

  • 6 June 2012
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Wappulounas 2012 was going down 28th till the 30th of April. I’d been wanting to go to this season ender high up in  the northern region for a long time. Ever since I heard about it the first time in 2007. It sounded magical and I finally made plans to attend. Freestyle’d it up there with a plane, some trains and a few busses and met some people at stopovers in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. The final night of traveling meant taking a bus from the JKL to Oulu where I arrived at 4 in the mornig and had to wait for a bus at 8 something in the cold. It was kinda nice cause it kept me awake and got greeted by the first sunrays even though it was already light at 4! Took a bus from Oulu to Kuusamo and instantly met some friendly fellow attenders. On the bus from Kuusamo to Ruka people were already getting their drink on at 11:30 and the tone was set. The amount of daytime drinking I have witnessed in those 3 days rivals none other event I’ve ever been to. Everything is a go and nothing seems to be off limits. All in good spirits though! But don’t think it takes away from the level of snowboarding cause these Finns were ripping! It was hard to follow everything cause speakering was in Finnish and it was a bit of a damper with mostly flat light but hey, fuck the weather. Below is the first day with the teambattle going down on a course that could make your panties wet. Seriously, the shaping the guys did here was so amazing, like nothing I’d ever witnessed.

This is me and a drunk cracker chilling in Oulu at the bus station, he was nice though. Told me all kinds a shit about his life and his girl, he was quite sobered up by the time I left to take that bus, must’ve been 2 hours or something.

After sorting out arrangements with Soul Productions head man Mikka Andersson and bumping into some people these guys came cruising by. Speakers and DJ off the on-hill portion, Radio Rieska, good times insured with these fellas!

Not an uncommon sight at Ruka this time of year. Mostly off people falling onto their faces off the steps but this guy got a little beat up the night before. Look at that kid in the back tipping his cap.

After meeting up with my hungover apartment mates for the week and gone over to the backside of the hill I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two opposing bowls with hips everywhere, polejams, transfers, tittygaps, you name it they had it. The Chef’s Team Special was in full effect in grey light but what you gonna do? Amazing to see three riders attacking the course at a time but also quite hectic which made it superfun to watch but hard to take photos!

Some side by side flip action.

Hitting that hip. I could notice instantly these transitions and kickers were shaped a bit differently then what I’m used to seeing. Short and steep, you could really see these finnish legs were made for this.

This is a bit of a searchplate2.0. Saku Tiilikainen on that left bump millerflipping.

Look who I ran into, the one and only, miss Aouladelhajamar and Steven from Beaver.

I just kinda pointed my lens onto some faces in the crowd and it happened to snap these people. Later on, I didn’t even realize at this point, I got to hang and party with these friendly human beings quite a bit.

Attempt two at trying to shoot the three bumps with Team Länssavo consisting of Saku Tiilikainen, Janne Lipsanen and Toni Kerkela in the middle tweaking it up.

Upon further inspection of the above photo I found out something weird is going on with Saku Tiilikainen. Yes, his left arm is non-existent, wow, my camera really has some booze issues. Or it’s just a lensproblem or something. Either way it’s pretty fucking weird to have it happening in this land of tales and ghosts.

Hitting that jump tripletaineously!

A bit of a crowd’s view.

The DC guys handing out hold your butt warmers and you could even get a discount with it at some shops after farting on it all day.

Teletubby whatup!

Oh, and another one!

Going for the method handclap all suited up.

A bit of an overview of the right part of the setup which was mainly in effect for today.

As if that filmer in the back was meant to be there at the tip of the hip getting a visual tap to the head. In reality this guy was boning out a front3 indy with his partner flying there over the middle part.

Rauli Kangas calling the shots up top.

Another searchplate with a blue guy and a yellow guy somewhere tweaking.

This dude was straight blastin!

Mikka Andersson from Soul Productions taking everything in.

The session was nearing the end I got in a little closer Markku Koski came flipping by.

Team Nippon formed by rockers Antti Auti, Joel Lahti and Tuukka Tams (Tuke of Hazard on the back of his shirt) killing it!

Joel Ahola backwards flipping on the hip.

Amazing display of teamwork right here millerflipping over your homeys back thats whassup!

Celebration time with Team Nippon taking the top spot, the women who killed it the most in this team battle were Saana Pehkonen and Hanna Laukkanen with a little help from HP Parviainen. Stylemaster award went to Lasse Ihalainen who is barely visible in this photo on the right behind Rauli, either way well deserved!

Dinner was at Piste everyday with some form of potatoes and meat so delicious. I kinda skipped a very important part after the comp which is after ski but I was too busy taking some laps myself in the battery park and generally getting a feel for all that is good at Ruka! One night they served up some minced meat which neither me nor my appartment sharer Chris the German video guy had any idea what it was. Turned out to be roadkill reindeer so tasty! The night after this drunken musician denied this by saying it was FUCKING GERMAN MOOSE!

After dinner we bumped into some heavy after ski hitters, Niki Korpela clearly wasn’t gonna fuck around this weekend fully blown drunk by 9 why not? My other apartment mate is also pictured here in the front; the legendary Mikko Kuiri aka DJ Miky Mau and music coordinator for KBR as well.

After dinner it was time for some pre-partying at Mikko’s friends(family’s) place where the national Finnish habit was in full effect, sauna nonstop and drinks on the balcony enjoying that never ending sunset. Homey here approves.

Aaah, so nice!

This guy on the left was hilarious, he came outside and held out 4 cards and said: ”Pick one, pick one!” Then homey on the right got one out and it was a queen and he shouted: “Yes, you’re gonna get lucky tonight!” Excited as he was he held out 4 cards to me as well and said: “You pick one too!” So I did and would you believe it I got a queen as well; “Shiiiit, you are gonna get lucky as well!” He couldn’t be more stoked about it, turned out he fooled us by holding 4 queens but this kid was here to have a blast nothing more nothing less so funny.

Mikko knows whatsup; Sauna, beers and sunset!

This guy came bouncing into the apartment ballisticly drunk and was down for a little safety meeting too bad he put that thing other way around into his mouth burning the shit out of his lip.

The whole thing wasn’t so safe after all and not much later he passed out on the soundsystem for like 2 hours or something just lying there amp blazing in the face no movement whatsoever, nothing special in Finland.

Future wifey Annika (the girl in pink who was just a face in the crowd now ready for marriage) and Rita ready to wait in line for that first party night up in Piste!

These guys were killing it on stage.

Normal Finnish pissing stance.

Marku and Rachida having a ball.

Another strange finnish custom for guys to paint one fingernail.

Shit was poppin with another performance.

Also KBR’s finest Aleksi was repping the pink fingernail.

Dance dance dance!

These little bastards rolling up.

After the contest I was riding the Battery Park till closing and so was this kid doing all kinds of crazy shit. Got on the t-bar with him one time was one straightup nice kid telling me he was attending some kind of snowboard school in Finland. His name? Antti Komulainen, you will hear from him for sure in the future, either in the bar making noise or on the slopes killing it heavily.

Toni K. letting loose like none other on this Wappulounas, more good shit from him coming up. Aleksi approves.

Cute girls everywhere in Ruka…

Christopher already can’t believe all the things, people and actions he saw go down and this was just the first night, vittu hyvää!


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