Skullcandy Railbattle – Day

  • 28 June 2012
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Skullcandy Railbattle went down in sweet conditions with mild temps and clouds and sun exchanging game all day. Seeing as in the days before we were forced during one buildbreak bbq to take refuge under the stairs, caused by ominous clouds followed by roar and thunder, we were happy to be greeted by sunshine on saturday the 23th. Once again the buildup was a collective effort of some familiar, and some new faces. It’s always a surprise who shows up to get the job done but you can always count on the usual suspects. Good to know and seeing as we started building early this year it was a no stress situation with snowdump time on friday night only taking us to 4 accompanied by a little beertap courtesy of Dave the man from Snowworld. Needless to say even the building was great times with all these helping hands doing it strictly for the love.

Upon arrival we decided chilling in the grass was our first point of action cause we knew a busy day was ahead of us. Pictured here are Jord Ras, Boas van Holden, Liza Sie, Kevin de Cock, Bo Dirkmaat, Cheese Wille, Don Shithorse and Laura from the Port.

Bobbo von Unnik showing of his new pride and joy,  a sweet bike courtesy of his fater. Jules Hense just being the generally happy kid that he is.

Walking up to the setup over the spot that’s hosted the Skullcandy Railbattle since its’ inception 6 years ago, only to be preceeded by one episode in de Uithof.

Lukas Feitsma doing some questionable move and Mees van Lierop holding down his lip.

Kiddos and manboys alike on the block. Steven from Beaver, Erik Bastiaansen, Mel Lamers from Wolfwell, Joshua Pires, Olievier Maes, Cheesballs and Jord.

Anthony in the Wood directing Mike from Stairss’ Distribution dog down the stairs.

Veroniqi Hanssen hiking the stairs, first this year by the way instead of hiking through the setup or around in the mud.

This guy was having a ball with his taped up head.

Bob and Marcel Kraan from BigairBag devouring some fried stuff and hooking up about ten people with beers. This guy just told the bartender to keep it running untill he heard not one more.

Young Money click with Isca, Boehmer Get Floes and Niko the Serb on decks.

Steef holding the judges forms with Cees warming up for qualifications with a few half a litres of gold eehm bronze.

Daniel van Keulen getting really clean halfcab 5-0’s of front1 sw5-0.

Kids attacking the setup simultaneously.

Pieter Kral getting some solid lean on this frontboard.

This is a Danielle’s (Joey’s girlfriend) little sister pulling her Daddy’s pants at the hole she was dropping chunks of snow in to. Rocky the rad dog looking at his bossy on crutches.

Jacco Bos getting that crooked nosepress dialed in.

Erik Bastiaansen tailsliding.

Jules Hense frontboarding his way down this rail.

Jeroen Kooistra getting right back up after splashing and taking a dip into one of the slushpuddles. Little kids would get sucked straight in cause of their smaller boards which made it hard for some to land but persistency proved key on this day.

Judges table with Sean Taylor and DVG making his way up from Rome attending a Worldcup skating Zillertal living these days. Also Opperpad Shithorse and Cheese making some marks on paper valueing people’s efforts.

See, kids getting straight back up to the top soaked and all to nail this sweet boardslide.

Steef on the Slurp and Jesse Augustinus having a little slobbering moment or whatever it is what was funny enough for Steef to let fluid drip out of his mouth.

The kid that’s chilling beneath gang throwing sign Jake is my man Shorty, hooking it up with some cash for me to able to buy a new flash, which got taken down in the final, and take my innerland public transport system to where I am now in mid Finland for two weeks. Thanks again you the man Short!

Joshua Pires clean backlip.

Joshua once again holding that press through the kink like a champ. Best nosepress on this thing I seen all day.

All of a sudden this kid went for a hit on the flatbar which hadn’t been touched all day. Stoked somebody got up on there!

There were skiers as well and this guy was straight summerstylin’ it.

This looked painful.

A collection of fine people chilling here.

Noa, which is Kim and Marcel Kraan’s second child having a ball here, what a jolly little girl.

Joey Von Candyland stuffing his face with something else this time, sharp slush to the face resulting in a little checkup by the first aid men and Gerrit having a good laugh at his expense.

Luckily it was nothing serious cause he went straight back up to press the fuck out of this front1 sw 5-0’er.

And then once again for this immaculate tail270.

Luc coming by.

Kas Lemmens giving us a taste of what was to come with this back1 fakie nosepress or sw 5-0’er whatever you trick calling purists wanna call it.

Bo also showing, or rather giving a taste of what was to come with this Pirate Rum imported by her dad from Cuba or something.

Check back soon for part 2, the bbq and the night portion aka the finals of this here event. Big Up to all the sponsors and Robert Schreuel from Skullcandy and of course Gerben Gerrit Verweij for doing it up once again letting kids enjoy the Rock a Rail setup!

This was made from a semidead computer and a dial up connection so bear with me, hoping to have the rest of the battle up before the weekend.


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