Skullcandy Railbattle 2012 Night

  • 4 July 2012
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After watching all the daytime action go down, having a good few beers and soaking up the sun it was time for a little intimate bbq setting. Instead of having one big grill with semi pre cooked meat the change was made this year to individual grills on each table. This was you could decide on what kinda meat and how long you wanted to cook it. Quite the luxury for a bunch of scumbag snowboardkids usually munching on stale burgers now being treated to marinated chickenbreast and silky smooth steaks. A good fire to burn on as was proven in this years finals of the Skullcandy Railbattle.

Steef, Cees and the Don getting grubby on the private griller.

Erik Bastiaansen and his homies being stoked on the BBQ.

Joey, Mel, Jules and Jessie all enjoying the delights of the grill.


Imagine being fully content from having enjoyed a variety of meat, veggies, salad, nice bread and so fort and then this lady shows up and starts handing out marshmallows on a stick, how awesome must that be?

Anthony in tha wood thinks very awesome.

Jordy ‘t Gilde getting sideways on his first hit in the final.

Steef van der Meer getting some backside tricks on.

Boas van Olden 5-0’ing his was to the podium.

Strangely captured frontboard of Cees Wille most likely taking a slam here.

Kid getting sideways on the kink.

Boas cranking out his frontblunt into hindsight spheres.

Wessel most likely switch lipsliding through the kink.

Anthony in ‘t Hout getting tech with a stylish 5-0 bs1 out.

Cees tail270.

I noticed Wessel trying some cab3’s out of this thing and wanted to get a photo of it and this is the outcome of one terrible attempt at it (from my side, not his of course). I do like the way his jacket is flapping like a bat though.

Anthony in tha Wood again this time with a very well executed frontboard to frontblunt.

Boas front3 out of the kinker.

Luc lipping his way down.

Jord Ras finally getting that backlip solid after a few attempts.

The problem with taking a photo of a switch hardway 270 is showing the rider is doing a 270 which doesn’t really show when someone is already on the rail. In an attempt to show it more clearly this kinda hilarious caption came out. It’s crazy to think Wessel is already on there in perfect form just popping of the lip. This guy is nuts with his spins on!

Ross Needham came by and was riding really strong earlier in the day (as in the finals). This is pretty much the only decent shot I got of him and it really doesn’t do the guy justice. He killed it and this is testimony to his dedication!

This might be Karel Kral halfcab 5-0’ing but I could be mistaken.

Cees perfect form on this cab270.

I think this is where Kas Lemmens sealed the deal with a crispy cab on.

Or here sideway navigating through the kink.

Boas going for broke with this rather hectic 270 on 270 off the kink.

Or it might be he took the gold with this front270 lean or was it a sw frontblunt? Either way this kid rides with fluidity, confidence and amazing style resulting in this year’s Skullcandy Railbattle win. Totally deserved.

Just to complete here are the top three skier woman. Isabella Hansen plagued with injuries and surgeries and thus recovery time snatching that 2nd place. Katrien I believe from Belgium taking the third place and Canisia Romani in first.

Snowboard girls with little Melissa Peperkamp in third. This girl was awesome straight killing that box like a champ with a great attitude hiking all day and enjoying the hell out of it! Veroniqi Hanssen taking some summer down time from Bear Mtn with second place. Who else than Rachida Aoulad El Haj Amar taking home the gold.

Changed the lighting on this bitch a little- Here we got Pieter Kral in third, Jesse Augustinus in second and Max de Vries more stoked than ‘an energy bunny on crack’ with his win.

Jelle van den Berg in 3rd, Sebastiaan Renooy in second and Mees van Lierop taking the top spot for the skier men.

Happy faces on the Men’s podium with Cees Wille in third, Boas van Olden in second and Kas Lemmens killing it for the win.

A terrible photo of the two people who are behind this whole thing. Gerben Verweij and his partner in summer railslaying snowcrime Robert Schreuel from Thrillseeker providing Skullcandy as the main sponsor for the 6th time now. Big Up to them, Snowworld, all the other sponsors, all the volunteers building and all the riders and spectators coming out for another great edition of the Skullcandy Railbattle, see you next year!




  1. Nice shots Lenn!

    - Bo
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