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  • 11 July 2012
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For many years now most of us have been visiting Les Deux Alpes like it’s the only place in the world for summer snowboarding, but since the dawn of the GoPro we have been bombed with crappy little video’s from cool places to spend your summer.

We decided to visit them all, rent a big ass camper, invite around 10 friends and a few cameramen, and properly rate to spread the word.
Now that didn’t work out to well because who knew that you would need a billion gypsycoins to get a camper that size.
In stead we gave daddy shithorse the puppy eye look and stacked his car with tents and 48 liters worth of Monster to survive our Tour Du Glace.

First stop: Dachstein, since we’ve been huge groupies of all the edits dropping from this place we couldn’t wait to shred here. And since it’s the most eastern glacier it was convenient to start our tour there, and proceed west. Besides, it’s not long before the glacier closes now which makes the report a bit overdue but gave us another reason to put the pedal to the metal.

Dachstein itself isn’t really a village so we set our navi to Ramsau. Upon arrival we had no idea where we ended up. There wasn’t much snow to be found any place close and we couldn’t find any evidence that our fellow boarders usually leave behind. Rather a handful of elderly hikers.

After spending the first few hours searching for our apartment we noticed the first big difference with france: our living room itself was about as big as a room you would share with 5 others in Deux Alpes. Besides that we had two huge bedrooms with comfy beds, all together room for about 10 persons.

It was a long drive and after all that searching we where exhausted so decided to hit our pillows for an early wake up call the next day. However, our alarms didn’t do any waking. Thunder, rain and lighting made us turn around and stay in until the sun broke through, sadly the lifts where closed by this time so we decided to take a dive in the lake.

All this waiting for a sweet slushy turn made us screw it the next morning and hit the road looking for snow. It took a while before we found the mountain pass and found out that it was still easily a 10 minute drive to the gondola. It’s not like France where they build huge resorts around a skiing area.

After a short six minutes we arrived at 2700m which is not very high for a glacier, but there was plenty of snow and a sick park where the rails were the most popular features.
They change the park pretty often and usually they switch it up with some original creative rail/box combo’s. But since we arrived in one of the last weeks the glacier was opened we had to work on mostly just downrails.

Cees with a mean early day lipper before the sun broke through. Besides us there were about 20 other people in the park so lift lines weren’t on our minds, and with lifts that run until 14.30 we felt right at home after our trusted indoor slopes.

So far Dachstein’s score would be hard to beat by any other glacier, but then the lifts closed. Ones down in the valley again the boredom struck. Especially because the weather changes so fast we often had blue bird shred days, but rainy afternoons.

Because there isn’t much else in the village besides a lake we couldn’t think of much to do except kill time watching movies etc.
Bars clubs or even proper fastfood joints are nowhere to be found and if you decide to go out after 22.00 Ramsau pretty much feels like a ghost town. Apparently there is a better chance at scoring some beers in Schladming, but that is still a 15-minute car ride.

After boring ourselves to sleep it was easy to get up each morning and have an awesome time in the park like Kas airing his way over the double kinker with crail grab to lipslide.
We will certainly come back here and hope you will too, snowboarding is awesome in Dachstein but we’re glad that Les Deux Alpes is still waiting for us to get our party fix.

Overall Legitimacy:

  • Snow speed: **
  • Feature uniqueness: ***
  • Park Flow: *****
  • Lift time: *****
  • Achievable mountain time: *****
  • GoPro Activity: *
  • Eisbär beanies: *
  • Fluo Tall Tee clowns: **
  • Burger Joints:  N/A
  • Weather: ****
  • Lake water temperature: ***
  • Clubbing activity: N/A
  • Overall: ****

Cees ending this report with a little hidden stall time on the shapers lodge. Friendly spectator people, hope to see you next time.


  1. that’s one sick picture cees 🙂

    - Freek
    July 12, 2012 at 00:38
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