Val Senales Summery

  • 21 July 2012
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After Dachstein our tour of glaciers stopped at Schnalstal, or Val Senales, Italy. Most of us had been there before, mainly for the kickers but we heard some good stories about the rest of the park and it was on our way west so we figured it couldn’t hurt to pay a visit.

We didn’t have anything planned for our stay except some tents for backup. When we arrived it was raining though, so we prefered a hotel.
The village is so small and only has like 5 hotels, build French-wise for fast money making.

It didn’t take long before all of them got to tell us they didn’t have any room for us. Not knowing what to do we turned to the Gentlemens office who sort of run things for snowboarders in Val Senales, they took us back to one of the hotels and gave a good deal for an appartment including swimming pool passes, would have been pretty ballin if we weren’t able to trash any room within 5 minutes.

While we woke up the next morning it was still raining but we didn’t give a shit so we just got up anyway and arrived in a hail and rain storm and we had to seek shelter for an hour or two. After a perfect Dachstein this made us regret moving to the next resort, but when the sky finally cleared up we saw what Val Senales has to offer us.

While Cees had made friends with the local snowboard team nazionale for speedchecking the step up jump, Wessel and I started hitting the rail line but Kas was still feeling his ass rape from the last day in Dachstein. The rail line was actually perfect to get some shots fast, since it was 5 different rails in one line between which you could take a break without losing too much speed. With a short detour from the rail line we came across this friendly lady who let Wessel use her pole to show off some moves.

After some hyper productive hours we got forced down to the valley around 13.00 for an after lift hours private session for Halldor Helgasson, Ethan Morgan and Tor Lundström. We had a whole afternoon to kill and besides taking some laps in the swimming pool we couldn’t get around to do much. It was pretty much a matter of waiting for the lifts to open the next morning, we where forced to go out to dinner in one of the two restaurants in town since the local supermarket doesn’t sell much more than a few sausages.
Besides that there are a few bars in town but besides a few mid ages polish people there aren’t many people to offer you beers. So an early bedtime was the result and we saved our energy the rest of the week for hitting rails and flying high.

Lenn joined us the last day to shoot some proper photo’s but faith couldn’t be on his side so we left Val Senales in the state we saw it when we arrived, so no proper photo’s besides this backblunt 270 that Cees stomped first try.

Overall Legitimacy:

  • Snow speed: ****
  • Feature uniqueness: ***
  • Park Flow: *****
  • Lift time: **
  • Achievable mountain time: **
  • GoPro Activity: ***
  • Eisbär beanies: ***
  • Fluo Tall Tee clowns: ***
  • Burger Joints: **
  • Weather: ***
  • Lake water temperature: **
  • Clubbing activity: ***
  • Overall: ****


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