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  • 24 July 2012
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After two weeks of enjoying that midnight sun in the JKL hood and shooting some skating with my man Seaweed it was time to travel south after a day of recovery at home. Got on that City Nightline to Munich in Amsterdam, hung out with these two hyper Asian kids, got a nasty sandwich cause I forgot my cheese and passed out. Not untill I woke up soon after with cramps in my stomach was it that I realized I shouldn’t trust minibar train food. Caught another train at seven towards Innsbruck but then I saw on the schedule it went straight to Bolzano over the Brenner Pass so slept some more in the solo coupe watching the scenery glide by and the bad memories from the night before were being faded away by the majesty of the mountains. Spent some hours in Bolzano taking in all that’s good over there and bought some fresh food at the market to prepare the homies some dinner that night. Caught another train to Merano and napped in the grass for a while untill Cees and Tim came to pick me up to head over to Val Senales. Took a dip in the pool, cooked up some veggie pancetta pasta and called it a night. Woke up to a grey day which held up all day with rain, wind and semi snow coming down on us which made it virtually impossible to get some photos but me and Tim had some nice wet media laps anyhow to finish of their stay.

On the way down from Val Senales you pass this beautiful lake.

Wessel, Cees and the here retardedly pictured Kas were playing the yellow car game so obviously Kas was way hyped when we drove past this beast, extra points for the trailer!

You can tell these guys get really excited about the game.

Hope everything was allright here.

That same night we heard some terrible news. The hotel owner told us a man fell from a 52 meter lift tower while working on it. We were shocked. Out of respect for this man the planned opening on July 14th would be postponed till the next day. We spent the day after at a sweet riverfallspot near Saas Grund. What an amazingly beautiful area this is. We snapped some nice photos with Tim’s cam chilling on the rocks and filmed taking some dips. Skimmed some pebbles and saw a guy taking out some trout. We also found out how much crap is stuck in the backflow of the waterfalls while climbing up and around them. Tons of bottles and other plastic debri continuously being hit by water; what a sad sight. Nonetheless we had an amazing day in the crisp mountain air there.  While I’m writing this I just found out that Tim accidentally formatted the card from this day while filming in Les2Alpes where we are now so there’s no imagery.

Upon arrival at Saas Fee it started raining so we had to find a suitable dry spot to set up our barbeque. The nearby our hotel post office would do just fine. The police thought the same when they came cruising by in their electric whip as long as we cleaned the place up. Friendly local from the steak restaurant hooked us up with some flamable liquid cause we only had briquets. After that it was smooth sailing and we grilled up some fine burgers and had beers from the restaurant, we could just leave the pulls on the deck.

Instantly found this gem the next morning which you will see more of later. Me and Tim hit the Popcorn bar together the night before and met Dimitri who hooked it up with shots and then the bargirl did and then we hit another bar called poison where they fed us appenzeller and so yeah it was a good night for Tim after shooting for a week and a half. Except for the fact he threw up a bit in his bed.

First we find out we have to pay the hotel guy double days cause we let Kas, Wessel and Cees crashing in our two tiny one person rooms and they ignored our no cleaning signs. I walked back in the room and the friendly hotel guy was very upset now and the Russian maid was smiling dirty at me. Then we had the amazing idea to try and snake a few of us onto the lift since only Tim and me were covered for tickets. We passed a few stages, but it was too much when five walked through right here. Tim was stealthily giving his pass left and right to Lukas and Mees, but the scheme collapsed when Wessel and Cees got asked. Turned out this guy behind the window was Dutch, what are the odds? He understood the whole deal so then those not so lucky had to return down.

We found out everything was super icy and a solo mission for Kas since he was the only one smart enough to buy a 62 euro daypass. He’s not into icy booters and crappily downward facing takeoffs to rails, so we drank some water on the beautiful glacier. Tried to ride the pipe which was amazing cause Kas rode into it from the middle. Here he’s doing a halfcab 5-0 on a sticky rusty donkeydick.

These things were sketchy, he managed a frontblunt.

One more front 1 switch 5-0 back1 before Wessel and Cees came cruising by. They had the choice of either paying a 200 swiss francs fine or buying a 75 francs ticket, the choice was easily made.

This man came right to business and we shot an amazing tricktip which took some tries but things were looking up. That was untill he did some backtail pretzels and caught his edge. It was scary because he was lying still and me and Tim walked over and knew it wasn’t looking good. In pain he revealed his shoulder and I felt a big lump sticking out. Broken collarbone, fuck. One of the first things he said was: “Fuck, now Lukas has to drive alone.” about the wheeling back to Holland. Wow.

Managed to squeeze one more run in where Cees pulled this front3 indy. Later he said he paid 10 euros a run.

On the way out of the valley we had a nice last pizza dinner expensive as shit but the semi Dutch waitress lady made up for it with her amazing awkwardness. That night we drove over passes and through Chamonix where we had never been before. In the misty darkness right when we turned on some creepy music we encountered a ghost in the clouds and ran straigt through it. Spooky as fuck.

Overall Legitimacy:

  • Snow speed: ***
  • Feature uniqueness: *
  • Park Flow: ***
  • Lift time: ***
  • Achievable mountain time: **
  • GoPro Activity: **
  • Eisbär beanies: ***
  • Fluo Tall Tee clowns: ***
  • Burger Joints: ***
  • Weather: **
  • Lake water temperature: **
  • Clubbing activity: ***
  • Overall: **

If it was just for the scenery and the pictueresqueness Saas Fee would get 5 stars for sure. Oh and that 5 course dinner with Tim as well. Not the dude with toeshoes and a pink polo who wanted to pick a fight with us cause he was jacked on 4 snusses in his lip or something. Even managed to convince the cops we said some shit about his mom but they didn’t take it and kindly asked us to leave this clown cook in his own juice. Nuff said, next up: YesWeCamp in Les2Alpes.


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