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  • 26 July 2012
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What an amazing 9 days we’ve head in the sumershred (and a ridiculous amount of other activities) resort of Les2Alpes. Much of it is thanks to the Italian connection at YesWeCamp so grazie mille go to them for having us! It took us some time the first night to locate the exact destination but after a beer at the Facciosnao grounds we knew where to go. Nobody was there so we ventured into the nightlife to see if anybody could provide us with the whereabouts of Mitch Dalle, who was our contact man. Most likely he was asleep but it was worth the try. Some friendly drunk faces later we headed down to our new home thinking about camping out. Then we peeked through the window and saw a person asleep on the couch, woke him up with some knocks and it turned out to be Luca who showed us our sweet room in a nearby apartment. Crashed out and took a nice long day at the lake to recover and connect with all the good people.

In Italy they eat their main pasta during the day and a smaller meal at night. Here we are having a burger and salad en sweet baked veggies during the first evening.

After dinner, which starts at half past eight or later, we ventured over to G and his four kids force camp. Olivier Maes on the left, Max de Vries with the open mouth and Jeroen Kooistra on the right. The man lighting up the BBQ with some deodorant, I guess that’s one way of doing it.

Jeroen, Maxim Meyer the fourth camper, Melle and Max having some late night Ipad fun.

That’s right, GV loves Max.

We went out for some fun, Cees showered me with a beerspray.

We saw this slightly loco-eyed guy.

The lovely Swiss lady Michelle enjoying some double dashing or Irish handcuffing whichever terminology you prefer.

Shithorse in his element with the 2 litre pitcher.



First day on hill shooting some stuff with the kids. Max planting it in the minipipe.

Max slushing it up.

Max on the tanker pressing.

Olivier Maes tail270.

Pads can fly.

Jeroen Kooistra frontsiding his way through the donkeydick.

Olivier Maes coming in switch.

Jeroen Kooistra with a ninjastyle backblunt.

GV coming in with a cab270 to fakie.

Max pressin’ his way through the kink.

G man frontsiding the kinks.

Maxim boardsliding his way perfectly through the donkey.

Little homeyairs with Jeroen and Maxim in the minipipe.

Olivier frontblunting the kinked box.

Jeroen with a little nollie over the flat.

2Alpes chillzone ghetto.

Olivier and Jeroen enjoying some baguette sausage.

The G always looking up Max on the chap and Veroniqi in black and pink.

Upside down photography is the shit.

Nejc blocking some minipipe on the way down.

Hahahaaa with the Don Melon and Nejc.

Homies glad to be reunited!

In the afternoon we went to a park in Briancon it was so nice there straight chilling getting our skate on all setup by the amazing Mitch Dalle and Francesca Casagranda who I drove with in their huskyhair covered car. They double up as filmer as well. The cruise over there is bellisimo, what an amazing landscape. Here Nejc Ferjan is frontboarding his way down the rail towards some water.

David Struber tried this backside flip for quite some time but he managed to get it, stoked. This is by the way not a picture of the make cause I didn’t feel like taking photos all the time just roll around a bit. Afterwards played a game of skate against this man (lost) behind the circus on the parking lot there, later we thought to set the camel with lowhanging bump and lama among other animals free cause they looked miserable roped up.

That’s it for part 1 expect more visuals as the YeWeCamp Chronicles continue.


  1. Cees is a pussy for having his photo removed!

    - Tim
    July 26, 2012 at 23:24
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