YesWeCamp Chronicles Pt. 2

  • 3 August 2012
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It was Wednesday and that can only mean one thing in the quaint neon littered village of Les2Alpes, Grande Miercoles! Or in other words, Big Wednesday for those of you who don’t speak Spench. Tim brought a whole lot of that nasty monsterdrank to mix up with some more nasty shit in the form of smirnoff to prepare for a night out.

G’s 4 campers gave him a night off so he could come celebrate with us. Here he’s enjoying a good laugh with the always polite Ziga Rakovec straight out of former Yugoslavia.

The gang for the night, from left to right: Melle Freriks, Cees Wille, Nejc Ferjan, Gerben Verweij, Don Shithorse and Ziga Rakovec.

Many a night in Deux Alpes starts at the Shooters bar. Where the cute bargirls, sometimes in leather hotpants, always know what’s good for you and light shit on fire and give you more shots with cayenne pepper and all that stuff your liver loves. This is the nouvelle quelle age or something with lime on top of these joints lit on fire, they got all kinds of weird shit there some even with gastorched marshmellows, wow.

Mouths full of dangerously concocted shots.

After getting a good amount of shots it’s usually over to the smithy’s or minibar where things usually get a bit hazy already.

After that it’s hanging out in front of the Avalanche where things get wild at times. Stroboscopes are funny things and I have no idea why Gerrit throws this beer over his shoulder, just follow the trail. Ziga is dancing to the skypeople, Tim is touching everyone in sight and Laura get loose like a goose.

If you know who the arm on Cees his head belongs to you can win a trip to the Maldives rail jam courtesy of Coconut Airlines.

We found out Ziga used to be in the youth halfpipe team of Slovenia so obviously we were curious to see how this man would handle the icy walls of Deux Alpes. He instantly started blasting some good overhead sized airs and since I’ve never shot pipe I had no idea what I was doing. It seemed he was getting the most air on his third hit on the right wall so I thought that’s where I need to be. With a freshly dislocated shoulder the day before carrying your board and a camera bag is no easy task but it worked I suppose.

First hit Crail from afar. After these two runs he yelled at Tim from the ropetow third hit on the right wall, so I was pretty stoked.

Got posted up with that 50 mill to get this classic method.

One time he almost decked the coping but this man was persistent and wanted to get a big styled out Method for us. First time shooting pipe. Big Method with the Ziga mayne, stoked!

I cruised over to the park and saw Wolfman at the top and said I would snap a photo of his. Matteo delivering with this tailer on the tank.

This man comes in at twice the speed other riders do flying into a backtail with Davo Struber.

Max getting some serious lean on his backlip.

Gerben getting into some serious Marco Borsato singing with Jennie looking on in amusement.

Francesca Casagrande, bosslady and filmer of YesWeCamp speaking some clouds to Cees, who definately needs to work on his mushroomtalk.

He did a cab3 tap for film on this ball and we were talking what to do for a photo. He said: “Do you remember that Deadlung cameo in Bennee’s part in Shoot the Moon, well that’s what I want to do.” So he did, the same day we saw a Hood edit where Deadlung does the same thing again but then reverts it.

Max was trying the backlip on the long rail for quite some time and hadn’t made it quite till the end. So I thought what better way to motivate this kid than hold a bag of candy in front of his eyes. He instantly ran up to the top and dropped in. Didn’t get it but he finally got it (to fakie) at the end of the day and these kids were happy as hell to grab into my 2004 Holden Cargo pants (keep going back to these after every season) searching for ciggie butts and candy mixed up in one.

This is Francesco Traverso, one of the great guys working at Yeswecamp, cooking, cleaning whatever this guy is up for it including hiking about 30 metres higher than everyone else to gap over the tanker at the end of the day.

Tim and Nejc making some mic muff love. Or deadcat love but that sounds so sad.

No speed at the end of the day making our way down so G blocked his nose into the slush.

Remember what I said about the dirtiest glacier in part one?

The whole gang of kiddies with from left to right: Big Retard, Max de Vries, Olivier Maes, Maxim Meyer and Jeroen Kooistra aka little retard at the end.

It was the last day of camp for these kids and Jeroen already left to go to Italy with his parents for their summer holiday, so he was pretty bummed he couldn’t come to the Adventure Park with us. Here G is explaining some Geographical stuff to Maxim on the way down to Venosc.

You get a great view from that gondola into the valley and the waterfall.

The whole adventure gang making their way across the bridge towards the park.

They had to look at a security video cause you gotta respect the colorcodes.

Maxim attacked the course like a seasoned adventure park veteran.

There were a bunch of groundtroop reinforcement including Alieke pictured in the front here with her brother and friend. Melle wasn’t feeling too hot, or rather too hot sweating his balls off coming down with a flu or something. Then Olivier wasn’t down cause he scared of heights and I had a broken wing so no flying in trees for me. See that G man posing up on the platform?

It turned out the course was pretty intense and Max definately underestimated it a little bit but he went on to take down this adventure thing like a champ.

Man leading the pack was Cees here coming in hot on one of the many zip lines ending most courses.

I could tell this wasn’t easy for a big pad but he managed anyhow.

Max getting straight Tarzan on this thing.

Maxim got a bit tangled up but he smiled his way out of it.

Max, the poser that he is, going loose handed on the main zip line going about 50 km an hour or something shaving his head later on the metal cable, smart kid!

Vytas from Lithuania, whom we had met earlier that day on the gondola ride down, graced us with a visit. Once he pulled out his Stop Spot guide to Vilnius all eyes were on him. Everybody was truly impressed with the work he had put in. It showed many amazing spots, with everything you need to know to get a succesfull urban mission going. He also showed us some photos of the newly built indoorslope there where he manages the park and it looked really impressive. You can count on some future street missions over there!

That day Max and Olivier came up to me and said them and the guys invited a bunch of girls over to come and eat the Dutch delicacy pannenkoeken. They invited me and all the homeys as well so of course we were stoked and went over there in the evening for some beers and pancakes. Here Max is trying to show me his lighter trick but it didn’t really work. What does work is Bo in the background explaining some beauty treatment (not) and the swissies looking on in amazement.

So that’s it for part two, but there’s more parts to come. How many I don’t know, but for now have a good weekend!


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