YesWeCamp Chronicles Pt. 3

  • 13 August 2012
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Before we go any further there has to be a serenade for the food in this heavenly place we were allowed to stay at. Everyday you’d come home soggy from riding and there’d be pasta in all kinds with pesto, fresh tomato, spinach con mozzarella, parmiggiano cheese, there’d be quiche with sausage, egg and cheese or mushrooms. A nice tomato, lettuce, tonno salad always with the right balsamic or vinaigrette, bellisimo! Really some thyme marinated chicken with potatoes from the oven covered in herbs and spices, chops of meat, baked eggplant covered in cheese, ricebowls, burgers, the list goes on and on. Needless to say we never got hungry at camp and looked forward to going home everyday just as much as going riding in the morning. Homecooked stuff on you plate every day is a blessing we were very thankful for. YesWeCamp, wow, I wanna go back!

About to dig in to some Penne and other spinachio goodness with the whole family, Tim had to fix up his hair quickly.

Some chilling on the balcony ensued under some smoothly lit clouds. We love clouds around here.

Our room is not very messy and tagged in a peculiar spot by HG.

Cees, DDP and Jhonny doing some groundwork before the day starts. Most hits were pretty sheisty but these two made it good here.

Garbage Gang Jhonny getting that frontboard.

Yes this is not a very good backlip right now but look at all those people around. Skiers in the back, steadycam filmin dude, little popper in the back, Luka hiking the front and DDP filming, pretty funny when you’re trying to document a session but oh well, it’s park, what can you expect?

Nakko frontlippin.

Daniel van Keulen halfcab 5-0.

Jakub Szkaradek heavy rotating with this locked back3 on back3 off.

Jacco Bos getting some nice lean sw backblunt.

Kids these days, Niek Robijn en Joshua Pires getting hairy.

Great things can happen when shaping and shooting at the same time.

Some more switch backblunting going on with Jacco Bos.

Nakko was on fire this day putting down a bunch of moves on the donkey, here getting pressy with it.

People chilling, checking the action and Achille hiking in his shorts.

Nejc came crushing by.

Nejc in black, Veroniqi handling the fish and Daniel van Keulen salomondering around.

Jacco getting a nosepress when the lifts are closed and the mountain deserted except for the shapers. These guys are pretty chill and are usually willing to let us hit a feature once or twice while they do work on the others.

Tim did a 50 to tail lean, it kinda looked like a shark opening its mouth ready to digest any creature coming in its path.

I hadn’t gotten a single shot of Melle all week so needless to say I was pretty stoked when I got him busting out a micro air at the end of the day in the minipipe.

This day DDP happened to be at the parking lot with his heavily pimped out Spy truck and we hopped in the trunk to get a ride back to the YesWeCamp compound. This is the main building of the camp.

These are Francesca’s dogs and they are amazingly beautiful. She told me that in the winter these two pull her forward when she’s on ski’s in Bardonecchia. Wow, imagine that.

This is our usual hangout after riding; the little lake at the end of town. Just lean back with a beer and some snacks and enjoy the soothing sounds of the fake waterfall and take a dip in the muddy waters. There’s really good grasshopper snatching to be done here as well. Oh and apparently Tim was talking about some really important stuff here cause his hands are way above his head, that doesn’t happen too often.

Don Shithorse had a bit of a painful back so Niqi was so kind as to give him a bit of a massage.

After that they took it to the beach for some exercises aka yoga for noobs.

Saw this paradise like scenery under the waterfall and its shiny pink plants.

Great sights all around at the lakechillhangoutspot.

CW, man on fire.

One love baby.

In the eveninghours somewhat odd colors and cloud formations can appear in the spooky town of Les2Alpes.

I think we got one more Chronicle coming your way and a little overview with the rating or maybe all packed into one we’ll see what happens.


  1. Super story thanks guys!

    - Melle Freriks
    August 13, 2012 at 16:48
  2. - HG
    August 13, 2012 at 17:09
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