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  • 6 September 2012
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Face it, we are busy men and every now and then we fail in feeding you  the latest from wonderland. We’d say “deal with it”, but we wouldn’t be doing our job right if we wouldn’t help you with doing so. We have our sources, our sources have sources, and we’re here today to bring you a little closer to the hairy core of our news feed.
Yep that’s right, you need us. Because there is no chance in hell you would be able to look up some famous companies on your trusted social media pages and find the things we use to bomb our beloved website. First up: Instagram.
Many companies have been submitted to this little smartphone app to brainwash young boarders into buying their product. Succesfully I might add,

5. @teamvacation

You’ve heard of these guys, it’s the Bonfire/Salomon army that travels around in their camper, while documenting it all for who knows what.
Chris Grenier, Scotty Arnold, Jed Anderson, Andrew Aldridge, Louif Paradis, those guys!
Especially during wintertimes they will put a instasmile your face with skateboards, snowboards, street park and pow, parties and some guns.


If snowboarding would be the playboy mansion, this would be Hugh. Sexytime and airtime, you might want to redirect to @hotchicksaresohot after this.

3. @salomonsnowboards

Similar to Team Vacation, but less bullshit and more bangers. Again keeping you up to date of their team endeavors with the same riders as above, the guy who runs this is a little more on point tho.

2. @Snowboardermag

Obviously these guys are cheating. As a magazine they have access to all the good photo’s and they don’t think twice about sharing them with the world. Wallpapers, Cover previews, old bangers, they’ve got em.

1. @twsnow

The same goes for transworld. They have been decorating our desktops since forever with their Wallpaper Wednesdays and resized them all for all you instagrammers.

Start following the guys above and spam our comment boards with remarks about how we stupid we are for forgetting your favorites. We’re pretty new at this instagram thing, forgive us. On and if you want your instabangers on here, just hashtag them #themustachio. We’ve gor our own little space dedicated for you dedicated phone photographers.



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