Postland Rail Riots 2012

  • 12 September 2012
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21st of September we are all driving towards Montana Snowcenter for the Postland Rail Riots. If we can expect it to be anything like last year (video up here) we’ll have a fun session with all of our snowboardfriends, and watch some good shredding while listening proper tunes and have a lot of laughs.

This time we’ll do it over again: your welcome from 18:00 to register and shred as much as you want, from 19:45 the judges will start paying attention to the riders catching the most ooh’s and aah’s.
They will make a selection of kids, girls and men who can go to the finals at 22:30 where the same concept applies: everybody just shred and the judges will make sure they select a best rookie, best girl, and overall top 3.
This means that a 4 year old unsponsored girl can end up beating your sponsored ass.

Ones again:
21 September
Montana Snowcenter: Kempervennendreef 4, Westerhoven

18:00-19:30 Registration – Setup opens
19:30-19:45 Shaping
19:45-22:15 Prenals (open heats)
22:15-22:30 Shaping
22:30-23:00 Finals
23:30-24:00 Prizegiving



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