Antwerp Street Kicks Part 1

  • 15 September 2012
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Last week the city of throwing hands saw the second annual Street Kicks event go down. The organisation hired GV constructions to put a hip in place and he in turn took a few of his friends to get the job done. So we gathered at 3:45 AM at the Uithof and there it was Joey van Essen’s VW bus that took us to Boskoop where we would meet up with GV and Melle. A nice cup of Senseo and some stroopwafels at G’s construction place later and we were on the road towards Antwerp. We planned on getting there at six but turned out to be a bit late, no more than 30 minutes though and the trucks were ready to start dumping snow. Skidome took this job and you could instantly see this was freshly crushed ice and no dirty brown indoorslope snow.

You can tell it was early.

A look at the kicker without any snow. See how smart these guys build this sort of casing to hold the snow in place.

When the sun started peaking over the horizon everybody’s motivation started growing, here Joshua (you remember the kid that got first at the PBRJ finals in Avoriaz) and Joey start to unravel this rope backup for the winch.

Cees and GV putting on the casing and the die-cut to make this freshly babyblue painted turbowinch look all nice.

Jordy aka Shorty got straight to patting that runin down all nicely.

Testing out that badboy, everything was in working order.

Joey got that backup rope all straightened out.

Melle the Terminator getting into the digging.

This guy usually works with dirt and rocks so he was pretty stoked on the job. Too bad they gave him this tiny digger but he made it work anyhow.

The crew taking a break for breakfast.

Temperatures were rising quickly and pad’s get hot easily so Shorty started working shirtless.

Joey dialling in the take-off.

Mister Pires contemplating what shovel move to pull next.

Dominique Devreese, Vans Team Manager Benelux came to say hello. He said everything was looking pretty sweet and upon having Cees introduce him to me he said: “Yeah I know you, Lenn from theMustachio right, I steal photos from your guys’s website from time to time for the Vans blog.” Pretty classic introduction if you ask me.

Joey stoked on his free Ben&Jerry shades.

In about 5 hours of digging time we got everything dialled in and people were coming over to see what this snow in the summer was all about. “Little” ghetto kid in the front was hyped.

Jessie de Freeze took one of the first hits and held on to the rope a bit long and got smacked straight into the takeoff and flipped onto the landing. Luckily he was alright and we could all laugh about, he walked it off with a bit of scab on his arm. Max is obviously delighted at the sight of this blood.

It was pretty much the Vans team handling this event like more of a demo for the people but everyone who was willing to give it a go was welcome as well. I mean, it’s not like at a normal event or railjam where you can drop in all the time, here you have to pull that winchrope back after every hit. Luckily the riders picked up on this pretty quickly but still I think Gerrit walked a few miles between winch and starting point this day.

This is how I took photos all day cause it was crazy hot and no, this is not how I shovelled all morning, I’m not Ice-man.

Hot girls everywhere, and no I don’t mean the in focus one perv.

Bob van Unnik and some homeys from the WSL connection came over to join the festivities for the day.

Bob and the ciggiesmoke.

Yannick Sleeckx don’t fuck around and instantly started blasting big airs.

GV got hustled for interviews all day long.

Another look at Yannick taking on the hip and soon figuring out the thing was too small for him.

Cees boning out some very stylish front3 indy’s indeed. This guy in the front was casually sporting the new Crazy Creek hot sunburn tanktop.

The homeys checking out the action in the pool, this thing was gnarly with tighter trannies than a busty night in the red lights of Amsterdam.

This oldskool ripper was taking on those trannies like a champ.

Bs smiths and dogs.

Tom was pushing in this bowl but shit was crowded as hell so it was hard to get some quality skate time in. Noteworthy was Belgian youngster Sebbe de Buck ripping through this thing with good style!

These things were racing back on forth across the festival site with people running after them trying to get a hold of a well shaken fresh Palm beer. What a job, RC’ing some free beer around a festival site. Bob was definitely getting after this thing not long before it crashed full speed into a wall where he cornered it and snatched most of the beers out of its crate. That other dude with the strawtype looking hat just got panna’d by an electric Palmcrate on wheels.

The witch of Antwerp made an appearance and luckily didn’t turn any of us into actual toads.

After the kicker got moved back a few metres, Bjorn Simons got straight back to busting out these sick backside airs. At first I thought they were methods but they’re more like a tweaked out melon or something. Either way, this guy has gone from the attention seeking ADHD kid on the indoorslope to being a up and coming ripper, from who we’ll be seeing a lot more in the future.

More talk and other captioned shots coming up in Part Two.


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