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  • 17 September 2012
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Since last year we have a new way to officially start and celebrate the new snowboarding season. Together with a bunch of friends, a load of kids and our entourage we headed towards Mayrhofen / Hintertux to be a part of the Transform Gloves Parkhill freestyle camp. The Transform Gloves Parkhill camp is the autumn version of summer shred and probably even better with having the winter in sight, if winter isn’t already started by then. Last year for instance the organisation of the Parkhill even arranged a couple tons of powder in Hintertux for the change, eventually too many bluebird park days is gonna bore you for sure.

Not that I’ve seen anyone being bored people last year. Instead, everyone was occupied 24/7 with catpainting, skating the bowl in Mayrhofen with Gulli, watch the latest videos, play Wii, more manly games like armwrestling and drink beers, tend to do work, eat schnitzels, relax and everything that comes when you’re done sideslipping the Tuxer glacier with the pros. PROS? Yes, Transform Gloves brought some of their best men to improve and teach you how to walk, talk, skate and maybe even to snowboard like a true legend. Last year we were accompanied by Gulli Gudmundsson, Joonas Mustonen, Danny Larsen & Einar Stefansson. Same story this year, the word is going that Transform Gloves, Lobster, K2, Holden, Sabre and Quiksilver are bringing a bag full of teamriders, enough for everyone.

So far our jealous making words, we’re gonna drop a load of photo’s to convince you this is best season starter.

The Gasthof we’re talking about.  Nice and cozy somewhere on Mayrhofen borders.

Only  a couple of nimbly bimbly minutes away from the lively center of Mayrhofen.

Campers united, we have ‘m in all sorts and all sizes but they have one thing in common and that’s that they all want to shred till the last lift goes up. And when someone is down they are all there to cheer that guy up.

Our boy Steef van der Meer came by to accompany us for a short stay together with his Postland friends. We’re glad he’s enjoying this moment.

Behold the perfectly groomed park left from the lift, good to see they don’t have to worry about the cash according to all those banners in the park.

Fresh snowfall also has it’s cons, bad weather for instance. But also that is taken care off by the crew. They just get everybody in the bus and drive to the nearest indoor playground to ride miniramps, bounce trampolines or just act like you know skating.

Joonas stallin’ under the eye of Gulli.

“YOU DO ROOM CLEAING TONIGHT!” – orders by the Marijn Kokarino. No stress because everything is taken care of during this week. All you have to do yourself is dress up, brush teeth, wipe your ass and get in the bus on time. Easy!

Senor Dio H. saluts you on “one of those” bluebird days while capt’n Red Beard is setting out strategies to keep the campers going in the right direction.

Get judged by the pro’s in the contest and win tons of sweet goods. This is Quiksilver rider Kevin de Haan beating the campers and pro’s in last years contest.

You know what that means.

Transform Gloves rider Joonas Mustonen reprezent at Park Hill for the necessary riding and drinking games.

  • Good vibe
  • Ride with pros
  • Sick park
  • Improve yourself
  • Lot’s of activities
  • Video premieres
  • Win goods
  • We are going!
  • What else to do in October?

Riders of all ages are welcome. Kids ages 10 to 16 can book the all-inclusive Rookie package with 24/7 guidance by the best possible chaperones. Riders 16 years and older can pick their preferred accommodation and extra’s as they please, no strings attached and free to do what they want.
– 13th till 20th of October
– 20th till 27th of October
– Rookie Package €799,-
– Regular Package s.a. €315,-
Go to for more info about the camp, the activities, prices and riders!


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