Antwerp Street Kicks Part 2

  • 18 September 2012
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We chilled in the tiled poolside sun. Tom hit a kid in the shin with his deck laybacking the low side of the bowl. Cees hustled some beer for one ticket cause we still had half a beer. I got hassled on top of the setup cause some dude was kinda powertrippin and was vocally superior in yelling me off the hand built hip. BMX’ers flew in the big bowl while an oldskool inliner snaked a line and handplanted the high coping. Signatured a waiver in assistance of the CEO of the pad so we could continue our business. A nasty weiner was consumed cause all the other food looked even more hastily prepared. I met a filmer from Liege, a city also referred to as Luik by the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. One love owner Mikey told me his name was not maffakka when I cheersed his beer but Micheal tapping his chest a few times. A skier girl named Katrina overshot the whole thing, only to walk away hands in the air laughing it off. That kicker got moved back.

By doing so Yannick Sleeckx was able to pull of tailgrabs the size he wanted to.

Like I was gonna say earlier, oldskool G Nicolas’ dog was wearing a mouthguard, probably to avoid biting those legs on the left, yes on the left.

Dude came by asking for papers, it was desteny.

Steve Crayboulder blasting a good sized method straight out of kiwiland.


Bobbo von Unnik going a bit much left, yes left, on this spinner.

Cees remarkably spinned quite controlled of his toes into this fs5, I don’t think he really stomped it but it’s got that nice out of focus bokeh hair blur to it, so what the heck.

Bjorn blasting from the back.

Secret Postlandshakes.

Another try for Dion pas de Dijon.

GV operating that winch in highly unlikely temps.

Wow, again, really? Yes really.

Interview numero X.

A bit of a barefeeted overview.

One of the Twits Leuven guys scraping that coping in front of watchful eyes.

Legal booty.

The whole site was kinda turning into some sort of wetlands.

Nah, you kidding me, this Simons kid once again.

Steve dialled in that takeoff to secure maximum airtime.

Bjorn going for some kind of late flip, it was pretty crazy seeing these go down. He would air off the lip and just before reaching apex tucking and presumably frontflipping into what you see here. Quite extraordinary.

Tom Munneke WSL connection B&W reppin an AK 5panel found in the sand of a French beach.

Bob attacking the hip with some inverted stuff when everybody was over it. Christophe de Groof from Freeze (who is by the way almost getting married) chilling on the setup wondering when it was time to call off Bob cause there were huge chunks of wood showing through in the landing, not very safe anymore. He let the dude rip till he also (after 5 hits) figured it was time to call it a day.

People’s be chillin.

People’s be workin.

Joey was quick on the breakdown.

I don’t know how many chunks of snow we handed out to kids but Melle was happy as ever to do it, like all of us were. Until some rats threw a big ball in his neck and the game was over. G stepped in and grabbed one by the shirt and told him to leave. Yeah, you have ratty kids always and it’s fun and jokes up until a certain point. We was telling them to quit the throwing and if you’ve been up since the morning before another seemingly innocent snowball, but directly pointed one, doesn’t come across as fun anymore. So we said kids quit it and G snatched one up. Little did we know his threats about coming back, backed up, weren’t far from the truth. In no time the site was swarmed with ghetto kids and bigger brothers to tell us hands off and fuck you. It got close to escalating but we managed to avoid any physical conflict.

GV also stand for ghetto version constructions.

I don’t really remember why I took this picture, maybe it had something to do with the Aarnoudse Verhuur. Or maybe it was the 0113, either way nice light was creeping across the site.

Men making sure wood don’t fall on nobodies head on complete disassembly.

Shorts reppin that Agga hood.

Spot the martial arts dude.

Packed up, peace out, hit the Quick and we going home after another job well done. Seriously, by the point we were eating our crappy last meal, sleep deprived talk kicked in and I can barely remember what was going on, the beers and the sun probably had a big part in that as well though, not to let credits go to waste. Big up to everyone involved, especially the whole Antwerp Street Kicks organization, I hope they can pull it off again next year and let us be a part of it. I already heard from Dominique that the whole FMX thing was done after this year cause it doesn’t comply with a carfree city of Antwerp. That’s what the mayor decided on anyhow. Kinda weird and shitty that we didn’t get you any of that action cause I’m sure it went down this year as well. Either way, it was a good day.


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