Postland Rail Riots Part 1

  • 24 September 2012
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What went down last friday can only be described as on hell of a good time. Had a sweet start of the delayed day with frozen yoghurt covered in fresh blueberries, walnuts and raspberries and Shorty sipped on some coffee. A quick stop at Toms wholesale to pick up some Holden and Sabre goods and the fine folks threw in a GoPro to give away, hyped on that! The McD didn’t really work out cause Tim was penniless but we shared some and ate crap anyways. Cruised down a dollar short and a day late and found the Montana setup in pristine condition. Hello, some coffee, some building flags and people started coming in slowly but steadily. A lot of fresh faces but even more familiar ones. Turn out’s good. Let’s get it on.

You see Melissa around everywhere, cool little ripper girl.

Kas on that quadkink.

The left side of the scene was swarmed with people on the belt.

Ricky Martens front3ing out of that kinker.

The closeout gaprail feature was instantly under heavy attack. Here Cees gets comfy on a back2.

Little man kept coming up short on this rail, but he kept trying anyway till he got onto the rail. So committed already.

Max de Vries nuclear airing onto the downbar.

Jules Hense always a pleasure to watch snowboard. Stalefish lipslide.

Jacco Bos has some crazy ways, like here with this cab2.

Bob blasting to boardslide.

Jeroen Kooistra on some stylish tailgrabbing to boardslides.

van Unnik with something close to a millerflip.

Jos the Boss on that closeout.

Jesse Augustinus George Michaeling the rainbow, wow!

Kas was doing these very neat looking wallies of the closeout and this photo doesn’t do it justice at all, I hope one was filmed.

Cees bluntstallin.

Rachida frontboard sidepoppin.

Montana local Reinier van de Vijver getting that early pop out of his noseblunter.

Jeroen Kooistra fly like his terryclava.

Steef taking a break from shredding.

It’s that fly kid again.

Luc Buthker on that stepdown flatrail.

Olivier Maes frontblunting that thing.

Jonathan Begley from Suomi just moved to Holland to study in Maastricht and came over to pop this frontlipper.

Steef was tweaking his board on the rail.

Jordy ‘t Gilde mid lean drop.

Bob into backlip with Bart Falhaber blending scarily well with one of the three skiers in the background.

I think this is my favorite photo of the day, Kas mid frontblunt270 fifty. Also there is not one but two sitskiers in this photo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people doing that on the indoorslope.

People’s gathering.

Imke on some gangster type shit.

Kas and Nakko having a ball with hooded figure.

Luc on some funky arm movement.

This is Erik Bastiaansen, he’s pretty good at riding a board.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, whatsup with all this corny backlighting going on but Jeroen don’t care, he’s gonna boardslide that kink anyway.

This is exactly how Marky Mark thought me how to boardslide 10 years ago in the Uithof; “Keep your hands in front of you, kinda where you wanna go.” Thanks Luc for reminding me of that great time. Don’t be fooled though, this guy kills it and in case you didn’t know, this is switch.

Sidewayslides from lots of people, this time Henk de Bruijne.

Olivier Maes getting his lean on with the legendary Joakim Boldo in the front, he camped outside of Snowworld for three weeks in a tent to ride the indoorslope I found out later that night.

Freek de Bruyne creeping closer and closer to landing that frontboard, mighta had it this time though, don’t remember.

Same with homey Jordy.

Max knows how to switch backblunt.

There’s the token skier kid. Mees van Lierop always down for a good time just stop OD’ing on Monster will you!

Bart Vennix showing everybody why Montana is his stomping grounds.

Wessel van Lierop taking a break from filming a switch back2 pretzel on the top feature which was two pvc pipes next to eachother. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of that thing.

Mister Begley aka Snibudi hitting up that quadkink. Towards the end of the finals he was riding switch towards this thing but somebody in front of him was going very slow so he lost all of his speed. Somehow he still managed to pop a hardway halfcab to fifty bs1 out like it was no big deal.

Jesse pressing and handtapping the flashback.

Double trouble with Ricky Martens and Olivier Maes.

Yes, yes, taking the indoor artsiness a step too far maybe but Jules Hense don’t mind, this kid rips.

I’m pretty sure Rachida don’t mind either cause she’s gonna get sideways on everything in sight whatever the fuck photogs and filmers are doing.

Max getting some heavy lean on this halfcab5-0 back3 off.

There’s everyone’s favorite skierkid again while Steef van der Meer adds some foreground cruising.

Jonathan fastening his seatbelt preparing for landing fakie after bs1’ing off this joyful rainbow. If only it would have a built in beertap cause that Bavaria screaming at you makes a man thirsty.

Jeroen K. on some heavy moves.

Bart Falhaber preparing to back3 out of the elbow.

Steef on that smuggle bs180 in.

Roel van Oosterhout blows my mind with his riding. Kid’s gotten so good. This here is somewhat proof of the stated fact but either way you’ll have to take my word for it.

In wouldn’t post this photo if it wasn’t for everyone’s favorite architect Melle cruising by on the sled while Jules Hense somewhat manages to navigate this frontboard through the kink.

So, if you still have eyes left after all this retina scratching goodness check back soon for part 2, with the arguably better photos and end results.


  1. De twee zonder namen zijn gayner en gart aka reinier van de vijver en bart vennix! Dope foto’s Lenn!

    - Kas
    September 24, 2012 at 19:10
  2. Mooie stuk lenn, thanks again! later

    - Melle Freriks
    September 24, 2012 at 19:41
  3. Jeuj eerste skier op mustachio? Ik voel me vereerd.

    - Mees
    September 24, 2012 at 21:07
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