Rock a Rail 2012: ANNOUNCEMENT

  • 24 September 2012
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Not sure if we already gave heads up on this but with the flyer that just hit the web it’s official: 12th of October Den Haag will ones again be the arena of one of the illest railbattles known to snowboarding mankind.
If last year was any indication we’ll get to hang out and watch some big names in the Euro shredscene go down on the most progressive setup ever built for an urban railbattle.
GVconstructions is welding those rails as we speak and all we can say about it is that the invited riders are lucky to have the opportunity to ride that setup.

The grand show will start on friday but call your friends or book a hotel because your gonna want to spend the whole weekend.
We start of Thursday with a pre-party where the Random Bastards will be present to show off their blue balls in Supermarkt, Grote Markt. We know how they like to party up in Sweden so no doubts that that night is gonna be sick.

Right outside the bar is where it will go down the next day. From 18:00 things will get serious when riders like Ethan Morgan, Gulli Gudmundsson, Denis Leontyev and many many more try to show off while the crowd starts preparing for the second partylater that night. We’ll be entertained by bands from Sweden, local DJ’s, and to top it off our local headline in the moviebusiness: Postland’s Catscratch premiere.

Let’s put it this way: the whole weekend is gonna be one big party so if you have any snowboarding in you there is no chance you want to miss out on this here event. Admit your coming on this page.


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