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  • 15 October 2012
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What happened last friday can only be described as one hell of a good time. Nothing more nothing less. A lot of people came together in order to make this event happen. First and foremost we have to thank the Blanko Foundation for their passion and at the same time GV Constructions for his creative welding work and around the clock work ethos. The setup was one of the most intense creations for a rail jam I have ever witnessed in person. Having it built in your homecity makes it all the more special and working on it together with your volunteering buddies is nothing short of amazing. There’s gonna be quite a few reports on this seeing as there were three heats preceded by the girl getting gnarly. That’s where we’re starting with a little bit of practice shots.

Our Les2Alpes homey Nejc Ferjan from Slovenia came over to our little flatland pancake country to lay down some heavy pressings.

Joelle JJ Juchli roadtripped to Holland with her friends to attend and instantly starting throwing some ridiculously stylish moves such as this tweaked out frontboard.

Cees Wille one of the first homeys to make his way through the quadkink backside fiddy.

Style wise Austrian Capita killer Davo Struber is one of our favorite riders, unique approach is the name of his game.

Jon Russel giving me his best gollum impersonation.

Last year’s crowd favorite and local hero Bob van Unnik also with some kind of facial expression.

Joey van Essen dropping some snow on Cees his head.

Max de Vries getting a little interview before heat number one starts on the Method Mag live stream with Alexis de Tarade. Luc Buthker sidekick ghosting it up all night on the announcing.

Captain Redbeard on decks getting straight to some herbalization before the contest starts.

Look who showed up with a 13 year old ankle fracture that needed repairment, none other than Arjan the Fisherman.

Checked out the riders lounge above the Boterwaag, food and drinks present for everyone attending.

Melle chilling on top of the setup like a boss.

Crowd’s view from the setup.

Girls hyping eachother up before they’re about to get nasty.

Veroniqi getting straight into some booty boardslide action.

Gina Somaini got some solid presses going on. Like I explained on the mic to the crowd, it’s great to see girls riding at a high level getting into 5-0’s and nosepresses and keeping em up solid as well. This girl rips pretty hard and it was cool to see her and the other girls pushing it.

Rachida hyped on shredding with her prettiest look to date.

Veroniqi putting down her frontboard.

Dina Treland is a girl you’re gonna be hearing a lot more from. If you have seen her footy from this year you know why. That fucking ender doublekink in her part is nuts.

Joelle onto some oldskooling shit with this hurricane/baglady as James Thorne the announcer called it, kinda reminded me of Cheryl Maas back in her railjam days.

First a nosepress than a halfcab 5-0, Dina is gnarly.

All the girls were mostly hitting the downrail untill Rachida stepped it up with a noseslide on the flat to down rail.

Gina on some very solid frontboarding.

Niqi took a gnarly slam (again) but managed to walk away from it and even continued riding. She most definitely fucked up her hand and some other shit though cause she was at the afterparty all taped up.

The bad shit continued with Rachida catching her edge on the frontlipper and knocking the wind out of herself, we all know how that feels but she was alright after that and continued the kill it with front270’s on other goodness.

Max getting a little facesqueeze from his friend Cees.

Mary Luggen was in the house, or actually on the Big Market.

JJ skipped the flat part on tried to frontblunt270 the small down rail to which she came very close.

Rachida went for the nosepick/tap on the closeout.

Dina Treland reppin’ that Drink Water amongst all the Monster madness, smart girl she must be.

Speaking about the Devil (that’s a Dutch saying I don’t know if it translates to English but fuck it). Here we have Monster Martijn handing out some Monster cans to the crowd, but skipping the kids who were begging for it cause they is too young.

Gina Somaini once again throwing down some heavy frontblunts. Too bad she wasn’t able to hold on to her landings on these cause they were stylish, for real.

Camp Max up on the benches partying it up, his parents are awesome and are down for the right reasons. No soccer mom jokes needed here.

Veroniqi ending it for the girls with a styled out frontboard. Got Dina’s blurry mug up in there as well.

Big up to all of the girls for starting the contest in a great way. Already the crowd was hyped on what they saw and showed a lot of love by screaming and clapping for these ladies. Next up we got the first heat from the men’s side of things. After that we got two more heats and the finals so stay posted on this hairy joint cause shit went ballistic to say the least.


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