Rock a Rail 2012 – Heat 1

  • 16 October 2012
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A quick reshape, some hydration and food later it was time for the first men’s heat to show their worth on this handbuilt, no drawings needed setup. That was a very hard sentence which didn’t make very much sense as did the riding of these guys straight of the bat. There was no holding back cause with a riderslist that’s hotter than that cheeky girl next door you had no choice as well. It was do or die from the get-go if you wanted to secure yourself a spot in the finals. The options were endless and it showed cause a lot of riders starting attacking this thing sideways, up, under and over shit was going mental and you could already feel the tension in the air growing by the minute, shit’s happening, it’s all happening.

A little aftermath of the girls crowd cut out gathering.

HeadStachio Rens having a freaky talk with our Postland Rail Riots wildcard winner Jonathan Begley. Notice the similarities in his facial expression with that flaming Spitfire tee he’s wearing.

Steve Grumser locking in.

Gulli with that stalefish action, it looks like he missed the grab here but that’s just my terrible timing.

Cees on the rise, actually on the fall, well not really fall just going down ze rail.

Kas Lemmens instantly busted out this cab270 to fakie, quelle pas de effort steez this kid has. I wish I had a picture of the painted face of his mug on the side of the setup, should’ve, could’ve, would’ve if I wasn’t tipsy by the time he pointed it out to me and my camera was stowed away for the night strictly Catscratching premiere celebration.

Jesse Augustinus doing it up with some solid tricks such as this blunt270.

Ethan Morgan straight switching the program, moving in sideway directions. He took off from the flat down hit and lipped to this as you can see by the flexation of his Bataleon stick.

Cees lipping on the closeout.

Gulli the son of Gudmund grabbing indy while nosepressing, one time he did a triplegrab on his triplebase, some next level shit yo!

As always the photos you see here are taking in chronological order so it’s quite odd to have another Gulli snap right after but I think Icelanders have some kind of next level gen, some middle earth shit which makes them able to run up stairs in the flitz of a flash.

Say what, what’s your name, Len, no fucking way, yes madafakkin way, that’s what’s up. Still holding the real Len title but the score by ways of roshambo has been upped to 2-1, watch out brada!

Kas slappin some tail on the close-out rattling this thing as if it were Alcatraz up in here.

Mister Roald frontsiding this thing like only the real Len could.

Cees instantly went for some lip to crazy pop lipslider on the down rail. I could totally wreck this photo with some R. Kelly reference.

Mister Lemons getting some juicy pop out of his frontboard to lipslide.

It became obvious Cees wasn’t gonna hold back nothing and after taking some heavy falls he stomped this trick like the true beast the kid has grown to be.

Ethan Morgan on some hardway type styff. My painter/skater/fellow hitchhiker Lambert M. Goslings the IVth somehow thinks this is the greatest snowboarder he has seen. Digs the clean and powerful style. Note that this man also said that nosegrinds are his favorite looking trick on a snowboard.

Last hit of the first heat and Gulli manages to bust a front3 over the last down part of the quadkink. The crowd went nuts, the city exploded and the man handed out some shwag to the kids, everybody happy.

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor.

Nik Summers from Toms Wholesale handed these Sabre StacheShades to our headStache and judge for the day mister van Drimmelen.

Thank you all for coming and for checking on these write ups, we got a few more to come so check soon for more Rock a Rail gnarlyness.


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