Catscratch – Full Movie

  • 17 October 2012
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This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for after the release of Postland’s first Catscratch teaser. Fairly, we know this video was going to be better than Tim Schiphorst’s last project Momentum. How much better was the question. Exactly, was, now we know that this video is ridiculously much better then last years. With that I don’t mean that Momentum sucked but that Catscratch raised another bar for flatland snowboarding and abroad if we may say.


No longer I will distract you from watching this insanity; we present to you Catscratch.

Thanks Schiphorst.

Bas Elhorst, Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Irian van Helfteren, Joey van Essen, Kas Lemmens, Kevin de Haan, Luc Büthker and Wessel van Lierop

Monster Energy, Shaped, Arbor, Bataleon, Forum, Signal, Taste and theMustachio.


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