GoPro 3 Released

  • 17 October 2012
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This might not be the best planned marketing Gopro is doing right now with the recently (almost a year ago) launched Gopro 2 but that doesn’t really bother us to welcome this new fancy product:  Gopro 3. Its pretty obvious that they had to come up with a new design for that relatively ugly box if we take a look at the products of their competitors.  Who are offering small housings, fancy connectivity apps 2.0 etc so these guys couldnt stay behind as a leadro in pocket action cams.

We are looking forward to Wi-Fi the hell out of that GoPro. Because the Hero 3 comes in three packages from light to heavy artillery all including the new Wi-Fi function and Wi-Fi remote. Which means that you don’t need any additional packages to stream your action to your devices. Other changes are made in the filming settings and the use of lens. The heavy black edition gives you a 12 megapixels lens and is able to film 60fps on 1080p and on 720p you can even slow down that vid to 120 fps. Ultra slomooooo!

Further details can be found in that schedule down here.


Check out the GoPro site for more info.


  1. It is a fucking ugly box!

    - will
    January 11, 2013 at 05:26
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