Rock a Rail – Heat 2

  • 17 October 2012
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There’s a time to overthink shit and there’s a time to just go with the flow. When you’re in the zone it feels like nothing can stop you and everything that happens is only right now. Considering everything around us in the universe, all we really have is right now. Though being really in the moment is something to strive for, it isn’t always the easiest, a lot of things cause distractions and your mind wanders. On this night coming from a gnarly hitching trip, seeing all your homeys and some close shredminded people alike throwing down, all of these distractions fade into nothingness and you really get to enjoy being right there, right now. After seeing all the heavy shit go down in the first heat there was no other way than to be stoked and see what the guys from heat 2 had in store for us.

I thought about switching up perspectives, first heat from close by, now more of a tribune crowds view. Simon Pircher opening things up with a clean backlippert.

Joey into some frontlippin lean, I’m so glad to see this candybrother back at his old home, Bataleon. Somehow the consensus is this guy never should’ve left, but opportunities arise and you take them even though afterwards they might not seem the wisest, you still learn from them and take ’em along to your next adventure.

Wojtek is the man, he rides hard, always carries a smile and is down for the cause. If you didn’t know, the man made his dream come true. Last year at the same contest upon asking what his plans for the season were he said: “Film an ender part for Isenseven.” When somebody tells you this such a high ambition you can think wow, you’re full of shit, or you can think, damn homey, I hope for exactly the same. Sure enough the man turned ambition into reality, no easy feat to say the least but he did. Big up my man.

Snatched up a bit of someone else’s flash on this snap. Jon Russel, what a great fella.

Candyman Joey van Essen once again in some sidewayleaning action.

Yes, it’s almost the same photo, yes it’s the same guy doing the same trick but it shows he wanted to nail this thing perfectly, and he did.

Frontblunts and backtails, whichever it was, sorry for the hazy memory. I think the latter cause mister Pircher had these down.

And then it hit us. The man who’s partly, or maybe greatly responsible for this whole Rock a Rail thing showing everybody he does what he set out to do. Two days before on his birthday when the quadkink was just put into position and we celebrated the G man’s actual birthday he told me he was gonna frontboard the thing. I was like, no way dude that would be the sickest thing ever. Sure enough, second try ladies and gentlemen, perfect form and everything.

Newly named Nash Ferjan carries some heat al the way from former Yugoslavia. This guy knows a thing or two about pressing.

Davo Struber blunting it up in good faith. You either believe, or you believe nothing.

Sindre Cottis Hof is a little man with big style. I remember seeing this kid ride for the first time in person at this year’s Pleasure Jam in Laax. Instantly you could know this kid is going places. Like The Hague for instance.

Ludde Lejkner is not afraid of much, I can tell you that much. One-eighties on a beasts like this like it ain’t no thang.

Wojtek takes combo’ing to new heights. If you can noseslide pretzel and then take it to doing it on a rail, whether reverting or not, is pretty fucking heavy. Haters gonna hate.

Ludde got that shit dialled.

GV attacking the 80 degree slanted wallride for a while but managed to ride away clean, got people hyped for sure.

Ludde proof.

This might look like a casual air from here to there but it ain’t. Davo making transfer gap lipslides look way too easy, on photo that is. Even on film perhaps you just have to wait for our Postland man Tim for that. Even though he told me he filmed very shitty cause of all the excitement in the air I’m pretty sure you’re gonna see whatsup with this Rock a Rail mayhem we’ve been talking endlessly about.

Sindre busting out some back 3’s on closing time.

That’s it for heat 2 ending it with a switch backlip from Andrej Marincic (Sorry Dom) if I’m not mistaken. Check back soon for a top eyed view of heat 3 before the final goes down on your ill-captionated screens.


  1. Nice work Lenn!

    - Melle Freriks
    October 18, 2012 at 11:51
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