Rock a Rail – Heat 3

  • 18 October 2012
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After seeing all the mayhem go down with the girls and the first two heats it was hard to think shit could get any nastier. Luckily in this heat we have heavy hitters such as Hans Ahlund and last year’s winner Wessel van Lierop so we were in for a treat again. Last year’s crowd favorite was also in the heat and so were wild card winner Jonathan Begley and a bunch of other rippers so I moved to the top of the setup to snap some stuff hindsight ways. The photos of this heat aren’t too wild, but that doesn’t mean these guys weren’t throwing down. The tone was set and these guys continued in the same direction. Creativity and hammers were key, oh, and none other than Will Smith was giving it his best as well so you gotta love that jiggyness. Noseslide pretzel on the quadkink, miami ain’t got shit on that.

Boas van Olden, my winning partner at last year’s SnowboaderMag photo comp in the action category did some kind of nosepress to 5-0 so it might look like a regular ol’ 50 here but that’s far from the truth.

The Russian powerhouse Bonus on a 50 270 on the flat down.

Back 3 out of the close-out, hells yeah Will!

Haze locking in after 270’ing on the downbar.

Scheps Ischepp looking serious before dropping in, man’s got some stylish tricks up his sleeve.

Bobbo von Unnik on some millerflipping action.

Hans getting rid of some unwanted inner city snot before attacking the closeout, wallride and every other feature in sight.

Speaker extraordinaire James Thorne surrounded by friendly kids and men alike.

This man threw down some Russian dance moves but couldn’t convince the man in charge, Nik Summers to give him a GoPro for his efforts.

This man sang the city’s anthem, Oh Oh Den Haag at the top of his lungs and got rewarded with a brand spanking new GoPro.

Judges Rens van Drimmelen and Ian Trashmore in good company of little Max fresh on Forum discussing the finalists.

This what your hand might look like if you painted the one side of the setup like Lambert M. Goslings the IVth did.

Upon returning from our hitching adventure Dutch bread with their seeds and all proved too hard for his teeth so he busted up his grill a bit.

Will Smith in a good mood.

Len rather excited to start throwing down in the finals.

Monster girls in the house!

Aight, that’s it once again. Heat 3 is over and you were shown a bunch of crappy pictures, hopefully the one’s from the final turned out better. Don’t count on it though.



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