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  • 23 October 2012
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Managed to find some stellar grub in the September, grabbed a few forks (they had no more spoons), ran outside and started filling some hungry people. Sweet nasi with some herbal influence, sausages, a juicy wrap en a whole bunch of grilled veggies. When you’re in it and feast your eyes on the shredding it occurs you might forget to feast your stomach. Gotta eat and the organisation did take care of that in a fancy manner. Merci beaucoup for the delicious! Luckily everyone who didn’t get shoved any of these tasty treats in to their respective mouths were in for a treat of their own. Juicier than expected finals that’s all I’m gonna say for now even though you already know.

If you’ve been on here before it comes as no suprise everyone’s favorite midget Max made finals. Halfcab ‘not even about to rip GV a new one’ 5-0.

Marlon from the Blanko Foundation proves a worthy foreground for this style Struber.

Cees attempting some heavy sideway action.

Darek Bergmann flying all the way over the flat to down. This photo trips me out.

Quelle steez du monsieur Lemons front to lip.

More sidewaycrashing action from Wille, which means wants in Dutch. He definitely wanted this really bad, that’s obvious, don’t matter the rain kicked in.

Wojtek going for a closeout to wallride transfer, it was great to see people finding their ways on the setup. I don’t have a photo of it but Ethan Morgan also attempted to go round the corner to the wallride and if I remember correctly, in all the mayhem, seeing him ride away from one.

Kas, ehm Wessel on some heavy spinning like you can expect from this wizard.

Bigboy in the heaviest of hailrainchunks on some lipping action.

Davo withstanding the weathergods with a nice frontblunt to fakie.

It was insane to keep track of everything but I think this is a clean backlip from Darek Bergmann.

Kas was going for some nose 360 boardslide shit I ain’t never seen before on the flat down.

Len on some hairy closeout action.

Wojteky coming to terms with his combo’s in a bit milder rain, or smaller icechunks.

Darek Bergmann high up on that wall backside.

Ethan spinning out of the quadkink.

Ludde keeping it proper. With all due respect I have to say though, mister Lejkner was having some trouble finding his landing gear in the finals but that happens to the best of ’em.

Don Shithorsed himself.

Mister Struber perfected the gap to lip.

Roll up with Will Smith.

Roald Dahl telling you some bedtime stories on the quadkink in a lipping manner.

If snowboarding was soccer, which it is obviously not, you could say we found the new Cruyff of our generation. Wait, I never said that.

GV’s head forms a rounded blockage towards the lower part of the rail but mister Morgan seatbelts over it anyway.

If I’d have to guess correctly it’d be Cees did a hardway back270 to slammer.

Cab2 from mister Len. He did one of the sicker back2’s I’ve seen in a while as well, all squared up, kinda like Kooley in Love/Hate, damn that part is awesome.

Before even knowing the end results these bro’s were hyped on eachother, obviously.

There’s a lot of people I missed in the nuttiness that was the finals and Bob was one of ’em. Main man I missed on capturing righteously was Denis Leontyev, he threw down all sorts of crazy shit. Front180 revert on the quadkink, back 180 out of the same thing, 3’s in all directions, 270’s on the flatdown, wow, come to think of it I failed on not getting him properly on a single feature.  Maybe it’s his stealthiness, maybe it’s strictly riding killer approach with ‘hard to photograph in a single frame’ spinstuff . Either way this might as well be the second year the man got robbed of some sort of placing or whatever the fuck but I think he should be mentioned as a standout for both editions. That dude has more tricks up his sleeve than 99.9999999999999999999 percent of the shred population will ever have. Fuck it.

The men talking you through the livecast. Come to think of it, Hans Ahlund also did some heavy shit in the finals, man, shit went down, I feel crap for not capturing all of it properly but that somehow proved harder than expected. What to expect though when Slayer busts in your ear while it’s raining blood on one of the most diverse setups you’ve ever laid eyes on?

GV breaking it up with a former 217 beer and a ciggie. It’s funny how most people immediately lit up after being done.

Max gave it his all.

The 3 men who came out victorious, Cees in third, Ethan Morgan in second and none other than Len Roald Jorgensen took home first.

Number two and three busting out the champagne as seasoned veterans while it proved a bit harder for Len.

Mister Morgan showering himself in a bubbly delight.

“Get some since you’re struggling so hard!”

Len attempting other techniques in hopes of uncorking this madness. After this biting one, the quadkink had to feel it and endured some heavy beatings but the bottle proved worthy of this beast.

When he finally did manage to unwrap the gold stuff and pop it properly, it was a magnificent sight though.

After hail and blood it was now raining Len champagne. While Cees kisses his bottle, GV and Marlon are smiling, Ethan is mos def getting the best of it.

Headstache had a little surprise in store for the man of the hour, best trick winner Gerben Verweij with his frontboard on the quadkink, in the form of a Dick Birthday cake.

Shove that dick in your face birthday boy.

After all this manly mayhem it was time to give woman prop where woman prop was due. Rachida claiming best of the chicks without any dicks with a heavy arsenal of tricks. Dina Treland got second and Gina Somaini in third, big up to these womangirls for killing it as hard as they did!

Monstrosities, I tell you!

That’s right, gulp that champagne, you deserved it homey.

That’s it for this year people, the bomb has officially been dropped on our quaint little inner city. It might all be a bit much but where else are you gonna get the full recap as here on your retardedly hairy joint? Big up to everyone who had a hand in this and came out to get wet for these human beings. See you next year.


  1. MAssive!

    - Melle Freriks
    October 23, 2012 at 18:04
  2. way to sacrifice your gear to get the news to the people! sweet snaps!

    - adt
    October 24, 2012 at 22:41
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