Snowworld Park Opening by Anthony indaWood

  • 7 November 2012
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Mighta been a while, but that’s the same with that alarmclock Crocodile. He never swam up and down that river called the Nile but still had that dready Hook on file. He did it stuck on sobriety and biting a big chunk a wood. Even though his name wasn’t Indawood, that first hairy teamrider still put up something that was good. We might all come from a different hood, but when the polejam to gastank is in shape we all come around like we should. Now go and feast thy eyes, cause none of these visually approached plankers are telling you lies.

Aight big ups to all the sponsors for handing these kids some cash and sweet prizes which were Stepchild, Dragon, 7-9-13, Shrednbutter, Hoppipolla and Thirtytwo. A bigger up to Mike from Stairss distribution for giving me a sweet burger and fries dinner accompanied by a big cola from the postmix machine. This was a bit over a month ago so how accurate the park shown here is could be questionable but I’m sure you’ll have a good time over there if you decide to go.

Either way the biggest up goes to the man who set it all up, none other than our first teamrider, yes this hairy joint we talkin’ bout: Anthony indaWood from the Sweetlake city hood. (Pictured above with a polejamMethod (proper!) in tripped out colors cause focus wasn’t acquired properly on the malfunctioning gone intuitive d300 and to make it look like something we bumped it semipurps.)


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