Anthony Indawood

  • 10 November 2012
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So after the article about the Snowworld park opening I received some emails what this Anthony Indawood is all about. How come he is the first hairy team rider? Well, let me explain.

About 4 and a half years ago me and the Headstache went for a little shred session in the same indoorslope after having spent three months in Colorado. After a few laps this little kid joined me in the lift and started talking the ears of off my head. He said: “Aren’t you Lenn from theMustachio?” and immediately followed it with a bunch of quotes from the site we had written over time. Kid knew everything and was superstoked about all of our hairy endeavors. He actually wasn’t half bad at riding and we had a lot of fun cruising the park together. Every lift ride he couldn’t stop talking about everything snowboarding and the shit we undertook he had read about. At one point I’m like, this has to be our biggest fan to date so to honour his dedication I said: “Anthony, you are the very first Mustachio teamrider.” Kid’s jaw dropped and was jumping up and down the lift pole when I told him that and now was even more stoked on theMustachio. So after some laps me and the Headstache headed inside for a drink. We chill for a bit and wanna head back inside when I notice my precious striped Eddie Wall Sr. gloves are nowhere to be found. I’d had those for three years already or something and was very fond of them. They were ripped up to the max but I didn’t give a shit. I’m like, ok, this is weird, I always look after those things and now they are nowhere to be found. Odd to say the least. So we head back inside, me gloveless and bummed about losing my precious ones. So right upon getting back inside little Anthony cruises down to the lift and sure enough, he’s wearing my gloves. I’m like what the fuck kid: “I just made you our very first teamrider, but that don’t mean you can jack my gloves.” He’s like: “No, I didn’t steal these, I just bought them off this girl.” He points in the direction of this little nasty looking mocro girl with a malicious grin on her face. Turns out that was little Rachida who snatched my gloves and sold them to little Anthony for 5 euros. What a fucking hustle! Instantly I fell in love with these two kids and knew my decision to make him our very first, and only teamrider to date, was the only right decision I could’ve made. So if you didn’t know, now you know.

Without further ado, here’s Anthony Indawood four and a half years later, organizing contests and doing tricks I can only dream off. Well done little kid gone manboy, keep it up, nothing but love homes!

PS. I guess I don’t have to tell any of you what happened with that little hustler girl right?


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