Murphy’s Merry Christmas

  • 27 December 2012
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Early december the Alps were getting hit by one storm after the other. Checking out all the weather forecasts and following the reports on wepowder closely I decided my excitement needed to find an outlet. Since we are having a good relationship with Laax I decided to hit them up to see what they could do for us. A week went by without a word until I got a call fridaynight the 7th from a swiss number, mind you this was at 8pm so you don’t expect a genuinely kind woman’s voice to tell you that they can arrange 2 nights and 3 days passes for ya. Needless to say I was stoked as fuck and started putting out the word about leaving ASAP preferably someone with a car in the 4 person crew since I don’t own one. Immediately there were a bunch of rad kids down for it but they fell through cause of school, too short notice, brokeness or plain laziness. Luckily I could count on DGK Anthony Indawood and Rachida. At 5AM sundaymorning I got a text from one of the expedition members he wasn’t gonna make it. Sundaymorning Rachida got a new member in the form of Naomi, I said: “Naomi who?” to which she replied: “Yeah, you remember her when you see her, she used to kill it the hardest in Snowworld.” Trusting her word I said oke, let’s do this. In the meantime GV was so generous as to let us borrow the golden G whip Passat since he just bought himself a Dodge pickup so he wasn’t using it. We were only to pay him a small amount for covering insurance and what not so that was a golden deal. Picked everyone up and without a roadmap or GPS we hit the highway into Germany. We hit a bit of traffic due to an accident but that was maybe 15 minutes of slow driving so nothing too bad. When we drove more south it quickly started snowing and wasn’t looking to stop anytime soon. As it continued to snow harder and harder and the highway became one big blanket of slippery white we drove with 60/70 to avoid slipping. At one point we came up on a turn and the adviced speed was 70 so we slowed down to 50/45 but mid turn we hit a patch or something cause we started slipping. I was like: “Oh shit.” Tried to keep the momemtum going but we were heading to the railing so straightened the car out to avoid the wheels getting bent and hit it frontally, so at a 90 degree angle and spun 270 out coming to a standstill in the middle of the road facing forward. Luckily it wasn’t too hard so we could immediately drive away cause we were still on a busy highway and traffic was coming in hot. Got off at the next exit to review the damage and it didn’t look too good. The bumper was fucked and hanging low, the license plate was gone and the hood was all bent. Straightened it out a bit and tied the bumper with a lace (those things are good for everything) so it wouldn’t be scraping. Right when we got back on the highway we saw a car spinning out of control near the exit we had taken earlier and being completely fucked up. Pfff, that coulda been us luckily we were driving pretty slow. Drove way slow the rest of the way and we drove into Laax at 5:30 in the morning while it was being puked on. Glad we made it safely.


That’s it for part 1 of our first trip of the season. While we were busy slaying pow Tim, Steef, Bob and up and coming photog Danielle van den Heerik were busy in another part of Switzerland. Yep, dual crewing it. More pow goodness and some street shabangs coming up from our last days in Laax. We’re in Austria right now after some days in holland back on it so it might take a little while for part 2 to appear.

Many thanks to Laax, Greenstone, JJ and Blume, Mary, Tizi, Jen, the intern and MVP Naomi.



  1. Bazen in de pow!

    - Melle Freriks
    December 29, 2012 at 00:35
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