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  • 21 January 2013
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We got snowed on for 2 days continously and the third day broke with a smile. Reflective rays hitting the domepiece all day was what lay ahead of us. The night before a wild party was had in the foyer of the Riders Palace but we steered away from that and played some liquorice cuprolling games on the hallway. If the piece hit the wall before crossing the imaginary line of the cup a 10 second fulltard dance in the foyer was required though. Right after inventing the rule Indawood managed to do the aforementioned. He, however thought it was a 10-minute dance I said so we were in for a at least a 2 minute show untill we relieved him of any further shamefullness even though he held his own out there! Enough hallway game chatter let the day begin!


Risin’ and shinin’!


Looks promising out the back of the Rider’s Palace.


They have a great breakfast baggie for everyone staying. It contains a piece of fruit, a cereal bar, a croissant and a juice box.


The real breakfast for these kids. The Polish party the night before left quite a nice snowtray as well.


Real purdy innit!


Unintentional ciggie line-up with Indawood and a yet to be opened lift going up from Flims.


With better vision Rachida wasn’t holding back and got some on the way to a zone the Intern was gonna show us.


See, there he is, thinking he’s still surfing barrels back in Morocco, where he spend some quality time with a few other retards including HeadStache, a week prior to our arrival.


If you look carefully in the upper right hand corner you might see Indawood wildin’ out.



The intern in winter wonderland. Hometurf for this badboy.


We were riding this ridge through all kinds of snakeruns towards the zone and on the lefthand side we spotted this awesome field waiting to be blasted upon. It required quite the hike-out according to the intern’s local knowledge and since babylegs aren’t made for that we let it sit there untouched.


In the zone the intern immediately got to taking down some pillows.


Airin of a little pathway is also on his daily list of chores.


Blasting through trees keepin it surfy.


In the woods with Indawood.


Laying into this bank before slashing up the fields ahead.


Rachida chunking some snow my way.


The intern crept over the side of this path cause he thought it was do-able. Turned out he skidded down these few rocks and luckily didn’t hurt himself. So much for local knowledge!


Sparkly snowflare inDaMagicwoods.


OutdaWood tailscootering on the ride-out.


The intern with a stealthy approach on the racerman.




Like a true mentor guiding them kids through the flat parts. Holla at the No Name!


The intern redeeming himself on one of the paths more do-able parts after I gave it a bit of a patdown.


The kids legs were burning too much from that first run and wanted to go check out the park. This second run in the zone was to be just for the Intern and me and my backpack. However they couldn’t find the appointed direction towards the only other open chairlift besides Curnius, the Plaun lift. So somewhere in the trees we saw them clueless again. Now they were forced to ride along with us, what a shitty life.


After getting it good with two very solid pow runs in the morning we headed over to the park side of things cause of course these rail hungry kids wanted to check it out. The intern showing how it’s done with a proper 5-0.


Greenstone came cruising by with this scary looking tube MJ.


Run number two and Rachida got down on this nosepress.


The intern getting tippy tappy on this cool feature. Laax does one hell of a good job getting their parks in shape this early in the season. In case you missed the first report, this was taken on 12-12-’12.


Gina Somaini was steadily cruising the park and does a bit of tailsliding on this mailbox.


Greenstone redeeming herself with this frontblunt to fakie. Great feature once again!


The intern ending the park session with this handplanter while Indawood looks at in amazement.


This ski patrol dude carried this dog on the back of his sled. The dog seemed a bit anxious.


All day everyday with these two. You can take ’em out of Dirty Dutch but you can’t take the Dirty Dutch out of them.


After having some fun on the mountain we decide to hit this spot near the Rider’s Palace using the foothpath as the inrun. Everybody who has been in Laax has probably walked by here. Miss Mary Luggen joined us and she’s probably gonna hate me for using this ‘halfcabfly’ picture of hers but I just had to!


Rachida having some pre-evening fun.


Miss Luggen turned on her car lights to be able to continue with the session. Anthony busts out a tuck knee.


Greenstone doing a bit of an interview with my FX7 at the spot. Yeah we filmed some shit as well.


We decided to head over Greenstone’s new house since our wonderful stay at the Rider’s palace was up. Her heating wasn’t on yet in the new house she just got so the four of them all slept together in Greenstone’s bed. Rachida even wears her boots inside cause it was too cold. Indawood don’t care.


Preparing the next morning for a little hike down to the Caumasee to check out some stuff I’d scoped when hiking with Cees Wille there during an off day from the Dutch Champs mayhem.


Greenstone’s mansion in Flims.


I remembered Cees and me walking down here in the dirt in the springtime and thought we could walk/ride down next to this tramline. I opted to take shortcut and bring back the bombdrop. Rachida behind the lens on this one.


Hiking down a lower part for these four expedition members.


This was probably the most hilarious moment of the trip. They all traversed this little ridge when Naomi wasn’t so sure of it all. Seconds after saying this, the ridge gave way and she couldn’t do anything besides go with it. Indawood’s face is priceless on this one!


Indawood and Jennie ciggie break while filming this flat bar drop thing.


Jennifer pointing out where the Crap Sogn Gion is way in the distance.


The ride out of the woods.


Icicles in the dark. We cooked one fine dinner and waited for the Roadservice guy from Holland to bring us a Citroen C5 which we arranged the day before when the G wagon didn’t wanna go in gear anymore. That day was a struggle and isn’t documented in photos but it did happen. Kinda gave us an extra day there which turned out pretty sweet cause were able to get some cool stuff done down at the Caumasee. If you’re ever in Laax make sure to check it out, in winter it’s all covered in snow and ice but come springtime it’s one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever go. Not to exaggerate but the water down there is something else. Bright blue and crystal clear, simply amazing. As if all the solid people and amazing riding to be done here weren’t enough. Yep, Laax truly is in our hearts. That place is magical.

PS, on a more recent note, the intern broke his collarbone. So we dedicate this article in the honor of his once in one piece collarbone. May it be unibrowsing soon again!


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