Vans Team Trip – Lithuania Pt. III

  • 6 March 2013
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After a crazy day at the Tauras venture and picking up Max de Vries we were ready for some getting down to business. We scoped the area ourselves and found a pretty dope looking quadkink which we hadn’t seen in Vytas’ spotguide or anywhere else for that matter. Would’ve been nice to warm up for Max on a more mellow spot than a beasty rail like this but he was stoked nonetheless. The fact he got ass-raped on his first try getting on the rail wasn’t that great but he took it like a man and sat out the session. Since it was a saturday night and it was near some kind of partyzone, or maybe people in Lithuania just drink in the streets a lot, we were treated to all kind of beveraged-up people. We even got offered some which we in turn of course gladly accepted. Lithuanian beer is pretty darn tasty.

Click two times on a photo of your choice if you like the bigger picture.

Now the trip got in full swing with Will added to the Dutch ensemble so expect some more exploration on here soon.



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