Vans Team Trip – Lithuania Part IV

  • 11 March 2013
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Pretty much everybody in Lithuania is down with snowboarding in the streets. Some might look at you a bit strange, others holler at you and yet others wanna know what it’s all about. Then you got the slightly intoxicated crowd who always lingers around at the spot either laughing and drooling or starting to make a bit of trouble. At the last spot from the previous report, where Will Smitherined his future self, there was a crazy Russian fella who started shouting at us and was apparently offending us in his native tongue. Then he snatched my flash and started waving it around. That was the end of it/him, naaah. That evening Cees wanted to tackle arguably the biggest kink rail I’ve ever seen anybody step to. It’s not like some of the Helsinki ones where you have a dead drop but this thing was fucking impressive. It was right next to one of the main roads over the water and ended down from the bridge on a dry street. We dug for a long time and got it fully set up in two hours or so. These kind of rails you just wanna do and walk away from, it’s not something you wanna do over and over again. Turned out this Lithuanian beast wasn’t gonna let Cees tame it.

Click two times on a photo of your choice if you wanna see ’em bigger.


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