Snowworld LG Park opening

  • 11 May 2013
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Gerben Verweij maybe has the best job in the world, except for us of course. People ask him to design, build and ride parks for ‘m and they even pay this guy money for it, so he can spend the money on bowling and his Dodge. They don’t ask him without a reason because this guy is good at it, check out his latest project for instance. GV Constructions ( Gerben’s company) was hired by Snowworld Landgraaf to get these guys one tight park with all new obstacles. That’s what he did and he did it good. We dropped by for the “official” grand opening, which maybe wasn’t so big after all, and too laps with some amigos like Luc Buthker, Jesse Augustinus, Yolo Kooistra, Kas Lemmens and Gerben himself.


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