Once we freestyle drove over to the south of Holland Bob and me were already in high spirits and the local radio only added to the goodvibes. Man, local radio is the shit.
Goodmorning Steef, straight off a 9:30 rave ending streak. Luckily he got some sleep on the way over there. I wish I could've said the same, was so fucking tired from traintravelling all throughout the night but whatevs.
Spotted some nice local business in the quaint town of Valkenswaard.
Simon Houlind was one of the LA River reppin fellas throwing his flavour on the Montana indoor shred destination.
Jacco Bos navigating through the elbowkink.
Will Smith getting bendy. He's prolly gonna hate me for putting this up.
Max the freeze is getting bigger everytime I see him, it's crazy how fast 14 year old boys grow. Proper method over the battleship here.
Simon getting that elbow frontside ways.
Kas was popping some nice nollie back1's from the butterbox over the elbowjoint.
Ollie Dutton, the man got steez, lilgap out to frontboard.
Smitherine's front3 over that ship.
Von Unnik getting some press out of his Bataleon.
Eirik Nesse flew in from Norway the day before and since he likes flying so much he continued it in Montana with a crail. Lame captions are the new orange.
Steef did some handdragging stuff.
Like I said.
Erik Bastiaansen with a nice press on the flat down rail. These babies are round.
Rasmus Nielsen from Greenland, yes you read it correctly, doesn't need eyes to see where he's headed with this frontboard.
Jacco Bos slaying all over the damn place.
Luckily 32 provided us with a tent, which we used to BBQ under in the rain the night before the first rail riot, but now people were able to hide from the elements as well, shit gets colder than a witches' tit in Montana. Especially with the temp difference between inside and outside being about 25 degrees Celsius.
Jesse Augustinus was riding like a boss all day long and showed no signs of slowing down.
Little man slide. So many kids came out.
Jochen Greve is one of them kids who knows how to board throwing some good teenage flavor all over the setup.
Houlind again with that ill steez.
Kas had to get in on the nollie game while Thrasmore looks back. If you've ever seen Thrashmore shred you know he's a tranny finding beast. I quote mister Lemmens: "Thanks to him I got two more weeks of trannies to hit." If that wasn't enough Wessel von Lierop implied we give him 3rd place and the Lobster board which was up for grabs even though the man himself works for Switchback. Needless to say everyone was hyped on Ian coming out for the day.
Cees came back from his 3week Ducktrip to Spain with a nice dose of food poisoning and little to no sleep but managed to make the 2 hour drive solo just to hang out. Here he gets into some kind of heated argument with some thugs.
All the LA River and Postland kids were judging, which made it a painstakingly slow decision process and with all the prizes to give away it almost became a fiasco. Luckily Tim pulled it together and we managed to somehow follow the semi timetable we set and get it all figured out.
Bob took care of announcing the winners and such, which he pulled off remarkably well in not one, but two languages even though he said he wouldn't. Here you can see young mister Greven getting awarded a brand new Lobster board for his efforts.
A little pano from the terrace of Montana. The other results were as followed: Julia got best girl again, she did a 270 and some other heavy stuff. Little Niek was ripping all over the place again and got best kid. Erik Bastiaansen got third and Jesse Augustinus got first for his all around murdering and consistency.
That night we piled 17 dudes into a van to drive to town.
Eirik Nesse hopped in the front while we already had 3 in there, no biggie with a ciggie.
Havin a blast on the way over there. By the way big thanks to Sjors and his girl for staying sober and driving all of us around town.
We met some strange figures on the streets of Valkenswaard, Oivind and Don Shithorse agree.
Gaschamber rituals being performed in the Paparazzi.
Random Bastards' Trainspotters hustled a gig on the spot and lit a fire under everyone's ass. Dope to see this go down in a jocky houseclub.
Trainspotter Erk and Hannes having their eyes on the prize with some local delicacies.
This pole was in the middle of the dancefloor and it seemed as if the locals were trained in working this thing.
The whole gang in front of the Paparazzi.
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Rail Riots: LA River Session

  • 23 August 2013
  • |
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  • Feature

While waiting for an extraterrestrial sign on when to release to visuals into the world, the next and last rail riot is drawing nearer. Tomorrow the last one will go down but before that happens let’s take a small two week timetravel to one of the more eventful days for many a character this summer. The idea was to get all the LA River homies together and let them demolish another custom build park by the Montana Money Gang together with all the other attendees. Stress free shredding and a few days of camping out and chillin/rappin/sippin/trippin and raving with likeminded people is what went down. This report here will focus on the day it all came together, august 10th. If ET gives us a sign we might let you in on some of the other shenanigans the crew maintained.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, all the parents for driving their kids, all the homeys from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greenland and LA for coming out and making this whole thing such a goodtime. Come out tomorrow for the last Riot of the summer, the setup looks promising, I can’t be there but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be either.


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