Dopamine Premiere Zürich

  • 4 September 2013
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Last night people in the hometown of Absinthe Films went out en masse to witness some visual stimulation. The fine film folks decided to host the event at the Aura Eventsaal, which is pretty much the highest class venue one can imagine. Apart from a Gothic Operahall turned 4D interactive cinema experience maybe. These guys always have a great mix of legends in the game and fresh faces blowing up and Dopamine was looking to be no different. Copped a ticket at beachmountain for 17 swiss francs and ended up taking a bunch of crappy photos and creating one terrible panorama.

Here’s a little impression of the film.

J-Rob starts it off with some intense riding and one the sickest natty backrodeo7’s into a line I’ve ever seen. Wolle Nyvelt does a sick method and some other NBD’s on his ÄSMO board. Danny Kass has a short but sweet bombed out section. Newcomer Nils Arvidsson breaks his tooth and murders a quadkink in the ghetto of Stockholm. Scot Brown is a very entertaining madman. Manuel Diaz re-enacts the great escape. Rusty Ockenden does a bunch of proper big shit. Sylvain Bourbousson finds one of the illest trannies. Mat Schaer stomps a first try doubleBC kicker line. Good to see Absinthe hasn’t lost their appetite for random animations. Blair Habenicht has got it in contradiction to his name. Brandon Cocard one ups himself. Cale Zima one downs himself and is the best roommate according to Jules Reymond. Bode Merril does some crazy 1foot and other stuff at the RailGardens. Victor Delerue snags ender with a sick double barretroll.

Go see a premiere near you at either the North American or European Tour. Check Absinthe Films for some more info on how to get your Dopamine on.


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