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  • 4 September 2013
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It’s mayhem on vimeo, everybody with a pair of bindings and an iPhone is now filming their friends and calling it a movie. As dope as it is that these people now have a chance to share their passion with others, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the quality stuff. Even we struggle with this sometimes and that’s why we went through our Facebook friends and asked some people that would know what they are talking about what they thought would be movies worth watching.

Even within the finest of finest productions coming out, we try to think of you poor bums trying to save up every possible penny that could buy you that one extra beer in Mayrhofen. For you we asked your idols what free / online releases they’re waiting to see, and even though some of them didn’t really understand we were looking for full films, and not online full parts, we still think watching the whole list would get you through the winter.

Hans has seen many film crews from up close, he filmed with Pirates and Bozwreck, and now became one of the main men behind the Random Bastards crew. His knowledge should reflect in his selection.


  1. Pirates, since I filmed with them before it feels like im conected with em still. Its allways sick to see their flicks.
  2. DOPE Don’t think they do another movie but it would for sure be in there cause its the shit!
  3. Cant really favor the 3rd one at this point maybe Deja Vu?


  1. Postland: cause the teaser looks dope, and i really want to see what they came up with this year.
  2. Random Bastards: Im hyped to see what the final vid will looks like, i know its gona be dope!
  3. Helgasons: its just fun


Is he really that modest that he doesn’t even take the opportunity to plug his own film “Down To Earth”?


  1. Deja Vu, Can’t wait to see what all the French Canadian Rail-Beasts did last winter. Especially because it’s their first Movie again with this Crew after years they filmed with other productions
  2. Videograss The Last Ones, Just Top Notch of the Game. Heard Justin Fronius, Joe Sexton and Scott Stevens Parts are insane!
  3. Scandalnavians, Because I want to see what kind of crazy shit went down in Scandinavia last Season


  1. Chris Grenier Pull Fart, It’s gonna be super sick snowboarding and really entertaining at the same time
  2. Jed Anderson’s Nike Full Part (Never Not), Always pushing it to the limit
  3. Working for the City, it’s hopefully gonna be released Online!?? Guess it’s incredible riding


Kas is a nerd when it comes to snowboarding, he can probably tell you anything about any part ever released. He knows what he’s talking about.


  1. Videograss The Last Ones – The old crew always kills it and I’m really stoked about the new riders aswell!! Really really stoked to see Sexton and Fronius!
  2. Transworld Nation – I think it’s interesting that they wanna show all aspects of snowboarding. Hopefully it’s gonna be good!
  3. KTC Roll Call – I think their last movie was the best from that season so I’m excited to see this one! Especially O’connor and Toni Kerkela!!


    1. Down To Earth – The 3 best European railriders team up and make a video. Really excited to see their parts!
    2. Underdawgs D.A.E. – I got really stoked when I saw the teaser. I think it is gonna be one of the best lowbudget videos from this season.
    3. Project Lick The Cat – They always have the best choice of music imo.

We couldn’t find anyone in our Facebook list more connected to the USA scene than Jake, hopefully his opinion is based on facts he picked up on the other side of the ocean.


  1. De Ja Vu: I can’t wait to see what the quebec guys came up with!!! those guys are super good and are really fun to watch snowboard!!
  2. Grind House: I love the UK snowboard scene!! got to hang with those guys this summer for a bit and can’t wait to see there video come out!!
  3. The Last Ones!!!: I’m always really excited to see VG movies

Greiner’s part, Bode’s part and Harrison’s part!!! I wish these parts weren’t online but what can you do!!! still really excited to see their footy!!!



  1. VG The Last Ones. The best crew and the soundtrack is the sickest always! And they visited Finland… always new spots…
  2. Dejavu. Lot of hype around this movie and I think louif’s and frank’s real snow parts made more and more hype for the movie. Really waiting how the movie is going to look. Hayden is the beast behind the edit so… its going to be a sick one as well. Also their web episodes have been really really good!
  3. KTC Roll Call. Holy Smokes was my favorite of the last year’s movies. This year I was able to be involved in the project so Im Really waiting to see the whole movie in a one part!!! The edit work and filming is amazing! Also the song choices!


  1. Scandalnavians movie! Im a big fan of this crew! Love the style how they do the filming/editing and also there is only cool people in the movie.
  2. Grenier’s Pull Fart
  3. Of course our KBR movie, Golden Years. Its not ready yet so Petrus is editing it day by day more n more! I haven’t seen that much of the edit yet so i’m really waiting to see the whole bomb in one piece!

Since L’arrogs is on the team of the Reels Festival, we thought he might give a subjective opinion on movies he wants to see in Annecy. It was impossible for him to do a top 3 tho since there is so many cool things coming out at the moment:

Jake Blauvelt’s movie “Naturally”: It was filmed in 2 years, it’s gonna be an epic moment during the festival featuring Eric Jackson, Freddi Kalbermatten, Kazu Kokubo, Nicolas Müller, and Shale Posposil. Jake Blauvelt and friends seek new lines across the globe!

    • The Nike movies ” Never Not Part 1 & 2″: It’s gonna be the 2 first Nike snowboard movie ever produced by Joe carlino!  “Never Not Part 1” will be a classic snowboard action movie, and  “Never Not Part 2” will be a documentary with Gigi Rüf, Nicolas Müller, Austin Smith, Jed Anderson, Halldór Helgason, Sage Kotsenburg, Ethan Morgan, Justin Bennee, Danny Kass, Manuel Diaz, Jess Kimura, Annie Boulanger, Laura Hadar, Johnnie Paxson…
    • All the jibbers are waiting for the french canadian movie ” Déjà Vue”:This movie will get together all the best french-canadian riders:  Frank April, Will Lavigne, Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, Nic Sauvé, Ben Bilocq, Phil Jacques, LNP… it’s gonna be a bangers festival. This is a movie project in the making featuring the authenticity of a crew of friends who grew up sharing a dream.
    • Transworld Snowboarding Magazine is back with a new movie calls “Nation” with “la crème de la crème”: Xavier De Le Rue, Forest Bailey, Stale Sandbech, Austen Sweetin, Dylan Thompson, Dan Brisse, Jonah Owen, Eiki Helgason, Gulli Gudmundsson, DCP, Bjorn Leines, Austin Hironaka, Chris Brewster. Progressive action, adventure, freedom, fun.. what else ?

  • As usual, the Videograss movie  will be epic: “the Last Ones”. The craziest gang ever: Bryan Fox, Chris Bradshaw, Danimals, Danny Larsen, Darrell Mathes, Jake Kuzyk, Jake O.E., Joe Sexton, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Fronius, Keegan Valaika, Nick Dirks, Scott Stevens, Zac Marben! Be ready for that !
  • Can’t wait to see the new Pirates Productions movie as the last one “Unique 8” was the last season biggest surprise. So I’m pretty sure that “Distorted Reality” will be one of the best featuring Sami Luhtanen , Fredrik Evensen , Elias Elhardt, Kalle Ohlson , Marco Feichtner , Niels Schack, Martin Kalijola , and of course Gigi Rüf !!!
  • The Absinthe movie “Dopanime” should come with some surprise, as they have some new riders in their crew like Victor De Le Rue, Nils Arvildson, Forrest Shearer, Scot Brown, Rusty Ockenden, Jason Robinson, Mathieu Crepel…  and usual rides like Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard, Manuel Diaz, Blair Habenicht, Cale Zima, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Danny Kass, Mat Schär, Sylvain Bourbousson, Nicolas Müller. From the Yukon, Valhallas, Monashees, Dolomites, and Pyranees the Absinthe crew proves dopamine is free, but you have to get out there to earn it.
  • As I heard from their US premiere, the new Think Thank movie “Think Thank is Brain Dead and having a Heart Attack” is just epic !Ten years has led up to this; Think Thank’s most mind numbing, heart stopping freestyle snowboard video ever. Featuring: Jaeger Bailey, Curtis Woodman, Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland, Desiree Melancon, Nial Romanek, Sean Genovese, Chris Beresford, Brandon Reis, Sean Black, Brandon Hammid, Sam Hulbert, Mitch Richmond, Kyle Lopiccolo …
  • After “Pepping” the new Sexual Snowboarding movie should be something totally crazy with Eiki Helgason, Halldor Helgason, Ethan Morgan, Kareem El Rafie, Tor Lundström, Kevin Bäckström, Leo Crawford, Gulli Gudmundsson !

About the webseries, it’s hard to make a classification as there is so much webseries right now.

  • For sure everybody are waiting for up-coming Burton webisodes “Snowboarding”.
  • The famous “Cooking With Gas” from Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, and Lauri Heskari just blew your mind!
  • I also like the fun of the “BYND x MDLS” with Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom.
  • The LK1 episodes from Lonnie Kauk are kind of indian mystics but good!
  • Like the girl power of the P.S. episodes from Robin Van Gyn, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman !

Well, there you have it, it won’t be long before all these films drop so start upgrading your iTunes credit, or better yet, visit a shop and buy.



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