Protest Rock a Rail 2013 presented by Monster

  • 13 September 2013
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Untill a month ago it was quite unsure if there was going to be a sequel on Hollands most succesfull railcontest the Rock a Rail. After organising this big succes for two years Stichting Blanko (ed. organisation) had a little bit of a recession struggle to get everything in place for 2013 but luckily they managed to do so.  That makes us extra stoked to announce the 3rd edition of the Protest Rock a Rail presented by Monster. The mayhem is going to break loose on the 28th of September at the Grote Markt in The Hague, The Netherlands.


There’s only one thing on our minds, how is this third edition going to beat last years Rock a Rail?  The setup was intense,  a fresh layer of natural snow in the finals,  insane vibe, banger tricks, birthdayboy Gerben Verweij. What’s the receipe for another yet better Rock a Rail. 

  • You might not believe us but our boy Gerben Verweij came up with an idea for the setup which is gonna top last years. Maybe not on gnarlyness like quadriple kinks but certainly on creativity, no doubt about that. We’re pretty sure we’re going to see a lot of happy faces! Since we’re not going to release any details yet we can give you a little hint: Airtime.  
  • They upgraded the riderslist with a bunch of  names that know how to tread stairsets well. Halldor Helgason, Marc Swoboda, Toni Kerkelä, Jaeger Bailey, Gulli Gudmundsson, Alex Tank, Denis Leontyev to name a few of the riders that have confirmed. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a full list of confirmed riders.
  • The word is going that Henry Jackson is back with his mic.
  • Pre-premiere Party and a After-partey, enough reason for the non-riders to get to The Hague.
  • Method will be streaming online again for the homestayers.

That’s it so far.
We’ll keep you informed!

Confirmed riders:

1. Kas Lemmens 
2. Wessel Van Lierop 
3. Cees Wille
4. Max De Vries
5. Jesse Augustinus
6. Toni Kerkelä
7. Halldor Helgason
8. David Struber
9. Gulli Gudmundsson
10. Ethan Morgan
11. Jaeger Bailey
12. Dominik Wagner
13. Marc Swoboda
14. Benny Urban
15. Andrej Marincic
16. Will Smith
17. Ludde Lejkner
18. Darek Bargmann
19. Roman Dlauhy
20. Len Jørgensen
21. Denis Leontyev
22. Alex Tank
23.Hans Åhlund
24. Flo Galler
25. Jonathan Lindhe
26. Dylan Gamache
27. Felix Engström
28. Nejc Ferjan
29. Brage Richenberg
30. Clemens Schattschnieder
31. Cam Pierce
32. Jeremy Cloutier
33. Wojtek Pawlusiak
34. Ollie Dutton
35. Eirik Nesse
36. Øivind Fykse
37. Dion Janse (WILDCARD)
38. Marvin Salmina (WILDCARD)
39. Si Foster (WILDCARD)
40. Eiki Helgason
41. Andy Nudds



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