Periscoping talk with Mr. Postland

  • 25 September 2013
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With only a couple of days left before showcasing his brand new video, Periscoping, en masse we were wondering how Tim Schiphorst is doing after a 24/7 lockup for a couple of days, weeks, months. Is he about to get a mental breakdown or is he ready to receive reactions? Check out the talk we had with Mister Postland himself.


So Tim, with 2 days to go. Are you still able to handle your nerves?
Hardly, I almost finished all candy crush levels if you know what I mean, regular toilet visits and all.
Naaaaaahhhh I’m just super excited to show the movie and see peoples reactions, no nerves!

Did you screen the movie to your boys already?
Nope! They hate me for it, I think it’s way more fun if everybody sees it for the first time at the premiere. First time watching it is always the best. It’s just a better experience if everybody is excited. Loud music, shouting people and flying beer tops your crappy laptop sound with your mom vacuüming in the background.


Ladyshred Rachida pulling this stylish frontboard on this famous spot. 

Shit! You better be grateful to moms cleaning up the mess you made while spending 24/7 in your room to get this video done. But enough about this vacuum. You seriously haven’t had any reactions from the riders yet, they didn’t even see their own part

Can you hear me? Or is mom cleaning again?
No no, mom is out tonight.. I’m super grateful for everything she does, she’s not allowed in when I’m editing tho, haha! Shout out to mommy.
But seriously tho, literally nobody has seen anything yet. I think a few guys are pretty nervous about their part. I do it this way every year and the riders always agreed until now, I think we’re all pretty much on the same page so I think I know pretty well if there is something they don’t want in their videopart.
Can we stop talking about my mom now?

This movie is not about vacuuum cleaning?
I don’t know about any vacuum cleaners that work under water. My friend did flood his hotel room ones and they had a vacuum cleaner that had to get rid of all the water…


Tim had a busy season.

I’d like to see some faces when premiering this friday.. Is this the magic potion for your videos? Their shots, your ideas and view on it = Postland?
I don’t understand the question.

I mean; you just said that you and the riders are pretty much on the same level. Same ideas and view on things for their video part. Is that the magic potion for a good movie?
It is if the riders are not allowed to see it until the premiere, maybe it’s the reason why some editors sit down with the riders tho. I don’t know if there is a magic potion.
Being close with the riders definitely helps though.

You are letting me down here Tim, really wanted a nice philosophy answer here but this will do. Something different and a bit more cliche; what’s the deal with the name? Are you obsessed by watching trough curved pipes from underwater? Tell us everything about it..
Fun little fact for people that don’t know much about Holland: it’s levelled under sea level, my house is located around 15 meters under sea level. We set out this season to raise that level: explore other countries and pretty much take a big step to a less “Dutch” production, checking out what goes on above sea level. After coming up with the title it started dumping in Holland tho and we even ended up filming here for a month, oh the irony.

Coming up with titles is difficult.

Wikipedia eat your heart out. You guys wanted to raise bars; when looking back on this season. Did you succeed with Periscoping?
Definitely! I mean it’s still a classic snowboard movie formula, but besides that I think the movie is pretty unique in a sense that people will get to see some stuff they haven’t seen before. New cities, new spots, and even a bunch of tricks you’ve never seen before.
Oh and lifestyle shots that involve some jailtime.. NBD’s yo


These Postland rebels taking lifestyleshots to another level in this Lithuanian hotel.


How long did you plan to make this interview?

If you start asking me the questions I’m about to call your mom to start vacuuming okay?

We saw some new names in the movie too, did they satify your expectations, I guess you didn’t just ask ‘m to hang around?

Yes there are also some points in the riderslist that adds to things you haven’t seen before:

Max De Vries, a 14 year old kid with an all-street full part, and it’s hammer! Besides that we added Rachida Aoulad the female Turboturk who’s stepping up to some big spots. Bob Van Unnik is back after a year of absence in Postland, what can I say, it’s bob and he likes to try sketchy shit. Will Smith (the white one) joined in on a trip where he shot so much footy he ended up having a full part.
Besides that we have the good ol’ crew: Wessel Van Lierop, Kas Lemmens, Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Joey Van Essen, Steef Van Der Meer, Luc Büthker and we have a bunch of cameo’s from guys like Eirik Nesse, Davo Struber and Wodka Pawlusiak.


Max is getting jiggy with it. Shot by fresh member of the Postland club Will Smith.

You really made me curious, again. Let’s finish this once and forever. What makes Periscoping the must see movie for 2013?
Didn’t I already mention everything?

  • Dope locations
  • Never seen before tricks
  • A 14 year old chipmunk
  • You’ll laugh
  • You’ll scream
  • You’ll be shocked
  • And you might even dance

At least I hope you do, so please come to our premiere so I can see your reaction because after all these questions I started to get nervous.


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