Periscoping World Premiere

  • 2 October 2013
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Before all the Rock a Rail mayhem went down we had a preparty the night before. The plan was to go out to dinner with the whole gang at Sumo and do a good few rounds of sushi. By the time we realized we were all still at the building site we were supposed to be in the restaurant. When we came there it turned out there were 2 Sumo’s in town and Tim apparently did not make a reservation at the one we walked over to. We had to walk over to the other side of town but that wasn’t so bad cause now we walked by Acendi, which is the hot new place in town for everything vintage started by none other than Joey van Essen’s girlfriend, Danielle. I wish I had a photo to show that place looks tight. If you’re ever in the Hague go to the Papestraat, Manus, the only skateshop in town that matters is there and now also a place for your already worn stuff. I should go in to some pr or marketing gig for the city’s up and coming businesess cause all of this has nothing to do with anything you want to read about. So fuck it.

That up next, glad my computer works again so I can show you some photos from one of the best weekends in recent time.


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