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  • 9 October 2013
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Last weekend the beautiful town of Annecy was over flooded with “skaters” that came from all over the world to watch and show the worlds leading movie productions of last winter. The Reels it was called and a great time it was. Releasing all the winners by now might be a bit overdue since most involved media has been a bit more on point while we would rather be busy crunching down the free popcorn. Yes, a road trip report will be written and official winners will be mentioned, however, until then these made-up awards will have to do. Watching all those movies was spectacular but only half of the note-worthy happenings we witnessed during our time in France so here are some standouts that stood their own:

Awkward award:
L’arrogs – awkward might sound a bit negative but one of the mastermind behind this whole event is funny as fuck talking french-english in all his enthusiasm: fank you too monsieur or shit, whatever, for the amazing time in Annecy, creating such an awesome event and putting all these snowboarders together.

Munch machine:
Max De Vries – Free popcorn meant a trip to the popcorn stand every other part hooking the entire crew up with the salty snacks, no wonder he didn’t eat at night. ( I cleverly cancelled my dentist appointment on monday morning).

Most spectacular kick out:
Chris Grenier – We still need to learn that it’s not a good idea putting us, snowboarders, into a fancy club with nervously twitchy bouncers. Deciding the winner of the most spectacular kick out wasn’t easy since we’ve seen a lot during the weekend, but the classic literal throw out did it for us. Seeing Chris literally being picked up by 3 bouncers while screaming: you broke my arm, and escorted to the exit where he got out of sight, hope all is well.

Loose cannon:
Jake O.E. – Cannes would be all over him on the red carpet to ask about his fashion advice. Lederhosen trent has been set even tho I’m not sure the Frenchies are familiar with the tradition. The second influence Oktoberfest had on Jake was having beers for breakfast. The loose cannon was unstoppable, not being run over by cars but running over cars.


Presentation award:
Jake Blauvelt – The film festival was inspired by Cannes, but snowboarders are not known to be as posh. While most crews were hardly able to stutter out a thank you in front of the crowd, Jake stood his ground and almost jerked out a tear or two, not really but still.

Halldor Helgason and Ethan Morgan – whenever these guys were in the cinema the whole experience became more fun. The raspberry punch was a huge success and their out loud commenting made even the heavy load of Nike’s Never Not Part 2 a funny experience.

Punchbag award:
Zak Hale – Stood up for Chris Greniers fiasco above and wore the proof of it the next day: I wasn’t joking when I said those bouncers were sketchy as fuck.
Ethan Morgan – Appearently fancie clubs aren’t the only unsafe place in Annecy, stay away from trainstations where jumpy 40 year olds start swinging for no reason.

King of the dance floor:
Kas Lemmens and Alexis De Terade – we couldn’t figure out who of these would win in a battle to be Justin Timberlake’s background dancer, so we decided that in stead of battling against each other they should team up and conquer the world.

Some movie related stuff: 

Best shot:
DejaVu, Will Lavigne – while filming you literally put effort into every shot, so in the rush of the whole movie you might forget that one little detail. The best thing we’ve seen all weekend was the opener shot of Nic Sauve where a chubby old-timer in a speedo witnesses the very first banger of the film.

Guru award:
Nicolas Müller – You might have already seen Nike’s Never Not Part 2, if you haven’t, you should! Because it’s a free podcast download in iTunes. Nicolas Muller drops some legendary quotes that we’re pretty sure people will remember 20 years from now: “there’s only one trick: strap in”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 7.42.33 PM
Nostalgica award:
Almo Films’ Drôle De Vie – I think this was their first movie so we didn’t really know what to expect. After a rather lengthy intro we started to get worried we might get bored, but the opener part totally struck us out. These guys put a lot of effort in their intro’s like they did in the old days, add the choice of music and the powder / street ratio and you got yourself a film that feels like watching something that should have been released in the robotfood era.

General domenation:
Déjà Vu – All the nominations for best jib segment were riders that are in Deja Vu, safe to say this movie is on another level than most. Purposely ignoring the Nike movies for now, we know they swooped all the prices but they’ll get their time to shine in the official report.


Nomination award:
Jake Blauvelt – Nominated for 4 awards and not getting any, we felt a little bad for the man but then again, the nominations have to account for something.
Jonathan Lindhe – We were just so damn hyped to see Jonte in the nominations, came as a total surprise and needed to be mentioned.

That was it for now, surely all these things didn’t make much sense if you missed the event but we put the blame at those who feel targeted. Not to worry tho, even for you there will be a more detailed collection of words and photo’s and you might even found out who got the actual awards if you don’t already know. Until then, good luck and good night.


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