Rock a Rail 13 – Dark

  • 9 October 2013
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While a bunch of punkers (look for purple in the premiere article) got naked for some schwag, others recharged their batteries. Be it in the riders lounge by engaging in some conversations and staying hydrated, either on energy drink, water or even any kind of alcoholic beverages. Hot buffet food was taken care of for all the riders, media and anyone involved on the backside of things. Nice tortillas, fresh real potatoe fries, some seasoned veggies and salad with toppings of choice. Yes, the catering was well taken care of. Anticipation was growing as the ones who rode at the best of their abilities were selected to showcase their quiver of skills in the finals. That’s exactly what they did, a whole lot of amazing riding and heavy dedication was displayed in the final. If a railjam’s success would be defined the crowd’s oeh’s and aaah’s and wooooot’s, Rock a Rail would definitely be selected a clear winner. If not, then the setup should be awarded some sort of design award cause that shit was mental and built in only 2 weeks time by a few men’s hands, big up.

That’s it again for Rock a Rail. Major thanks to Stichting Blanko (Blanko Foundation), Monster Energy, Protest, all the other participating sponsors, all the riders, the two most mental MC’s Chris Cab and Henry Jackson, Method Mag, Random Bastards, LA River, GV Constructions, all the volunteers, all the people coming and screaming their guts out and your parents for making you. See ya next year.


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