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  • 14 October 2013
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Man, looking back on a weekend before the one that just happened fills us with pure stoke. Having not made the cut with Postland Theory’s Catscratch we were well honoured to be invited this year. To be nominated then for best amateur film was just icing on the cake. With some last minute logistic problems thrown in we set out on the 12 hour drive to France, Annecy to be exact. We all grouped at Max de Vries his parents house, who hooked it up bigtime with snacks and drinks for days. Kas Lemmens just got his license two weeks before so he wasn’t too sure about making such a long driving trip but we made it safe and sound to this beautiful french city at 4 in the morning. Luckily the hotel dude was still around and we could post up the whole gang, which consisted of Rachida Aoulad, Max, Kas, Don Shithorse and last minute additions Stephen Carballo and Simon Houlind from the LA River gang. Not to forget Cees Wille who got surgery the day before and was determined to come out with us, luckily Max his mom hooked him up with some morphine pills cause it would turn out to be a heavy one for him. Gotta respect that dedication.

Not too sure if we covered all awards but a goodtime was had by all and that has to count for something right. Major props to all the riders, filmers, producers, musicians and especially the people behind the Reels putting in the (work is not a crime). Hope to see y’all next year, Fack you!


  1. Sick article. Thanks for attending and looking forward to see you next year. After all the work we put in, it’s always good to read some people enjoyed the event.
    -Ais or Ace as you spelled it.

    - Aissam
    October 18, 2013 at 11:04
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