• 15 October 2013
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Russian nationalists are pissed that Denis didn’t win, and send out this message to the judges, even tho we had a talk with the judges (all of them!) and they said that for both best overall rider and best trick on the downrail it was just a matter of style or overall legitimacy. So guys, stuff that hate in your pants and be happy for Denis who fuckin killed it, they even created a prize for second place for him because they had such a hard time deciding.

1st: Kas Lemmens
2nd: Denis Leontyev

Best trick downrail: Jaeger Bailey, bs360 in revert 180
Best trick Doublekink: Gapping to the second down with a Hardway fs270


  1. i saw the livestream and it was obvious that kas did best.. he fucking killed it! everything was proper and he his trick selection was sick!

    - ea
    October 15, 2013 at 20:55
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