Voila. Une website d'spectacular, if we may. We thought it was the right time to launch our new baby. Let us talk you through a bit: On the left it's the good old news summary. New on this is the selectors on top; select old news, new news or even on popularity! Next to that you'll find the midbar section which is new. We have this random video, feature, full movie selector for the random people. We love it, of course. On the right you'll see the good ol' section with some slight changes we'll talk about later.
The last thing we want is you to miss the best news... we present you the Must Reads. Really.. it's not that we ask you to read.. we obey!
Movies! Check out this new feature; all the movies we support get their own section.. check if you want to know what we're talking about.
Search! We don't wanna sound like your mom but searching is the key.. Lost something? First search then ask. Glad we got this amazing machine ready for your searches. Check out popular searched & popular tags. Give it a try man..
Videos, that's what you want right? Snowboarders don't like to read, nor do we. Check out our renewed video section with over a thousand videos. Shit's on fools!
Snap! Feels good to finally share this with you people. Since we're a big fan of photo-reports we wanted to bring this to another stage.. Our new gallery; easy arrow clicking navigation, thumbnails, additional words, autoplay.. you name it and this bitch has it!
This might be the most interesting part of 'the new One'. This section is about getting seen by the public. We always get a million x billion videos in our mailbox. Most of 'm don't make it to the big screen because we think it's not worth it but since we're starting to doubt our knowledge about what's cool and what's not we decided to give you people the vote. Haters gonna hate.. likers are gonna bring you the fame. All you have to do is submit your video, wait for it to approve and people can start to go wild on you.

If we're really down with the video we might even pick you out of the spammed section and put you on the big stage on the frontpage.
New on the stache. Quotes from the streets, speaks for itself. Random words said by people in the scene that do or completely don't make sense at all. We rather see that last one happening. You can find the quote section on the right part of this fancy internetmachine.
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the new One!

  • 1 December 2013
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We hear you think; “Holy shit, what the fuck happened here?”. The good thing is; you found found your way trough this haze of shred videos/stories on this new joint and the other good thing is that there’s tons of other new happenings going on here. Check our new gallery which is running on top here to show you the new features on this webdevice.



  1. Well done guys.

    - papupatopulus
    December 1, 2013 at 15:10
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