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  • 26 January 2014
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Even though ISPO, the biggest European wintersports tradeshow, has begun today, we wanted to take the time to show some stuff from last year. It was a classic madness which pretty much embodies the spirit of this congregation of snowlovers. You can go to ISPO with a plan, but it’s always gonna turn out slightly different and it’s best to just go with the flow and make it into an adventure. Let’s just say that it’s a good place to make new friends, reconnect with the old ones and get free booze. Man, daydrinking is the norm at that place and it pretty much doesn’t stop untill you stumble to your hotel room in Munich. Just wake up a few hours later, take the subway to the Messe and get into it again.


Came in the first day and Bob van Unnik informed me he was gonna box in the 686 lights out event, he was hyped to say the least even though he’d never really boxed before.


We bumped into old friends David Doom and Joris Willems from Shadowplay films. Kas Lemmens and Cees Wille were stoked.


Vans showing a little history, boots have come a long way.




Klas Beyer playing some guitar on my crutch while we were hanging with a bunch of Swedes at the Smokin booth. Thanks Smokin Jay for hooking us up with drinks and smokes.




Felix Remington Engstrom is a heavy jibber and Adi Mani is pretty much the golden woman of the Pan European shred scene.


Dutch photographer Michiel Rotgans checking out some of my shots I got so far during the first part of the 2013 season. Killer surf photog Jan Bijl does a little licking with Dutch shred OG Krijn Grun smiling in the back. Luc Buthker hanging out.


Pile in the back of the van and drive into town.


Mandatory hofbrauhaus visit with the gang.


Cees getting a little ride while the intern looks on.


OG shred Marius Otterstad getting a light while Kareem el Rafie smokes the night away.


This girl did some great repping for us. Big mouth you got there.


Ethan Morgan and Hans Ahlund letting loose in the club at the Pleasure Mag party. Could have been another one, don’t remember.


Scheps Ischepp up in da club.


Got to meet Ejack on the first morning while walking over to the ISPO. He was having a ball at night as well.


Talking life and garments with the one and only Mike Leblanc.


Daan Rigter getting a shot with the souther Germany Vans rep, this guy is a badass.


Nejc Ferjan was looping around the ISPO and stopped in the hallways where Daniel Blom was showing some photos such as this heavy portrait of Risto Mattila and his black eye.


This happened at the Ride booth, what you can’t see in this photo is that there’s a guy lying shirtless beneath them getting mouth to mouth vodka sprayed at him. But hey, who wants to see a shirtless dude?


Teaser party at the Method booth, this was definitely the place to be.


We bumped into Vytautas Vaicaitis, our Lithuanian connection and shared some laughs.


The intern making Brendan Gerard laugh.


Nassim Guammaz was in the house skating the Volcom ramp with his buddy Tim Zom. Seeing this kid grow from a little intern at the distribution I used to work at into the boss that he is today is inspirational. Funny that he is posted up here with the Intern, coincidence, I think not.


Mike Rock and Marco Morandi from Different Vision having a great time at the Method party.


Federico ‘Scienza’ Iovanovich posted up in this Hoven whip.


Alexis tells us the booze is finished, job well done.


Mike Rock getting off on some gnarly German porn.


We all thought it was gonna be a fun little not so serious boxing event for some shredders. When we arrived at the club it was being held at it turned out none of this was true. They had coaches, they had to warm up, got mental assistance and taped up their knuckles.


Steve Klassen came over to give Bob some spirit lifting words. He told us about his match in Denver at the SIA and how he got the belt by holding up his guard and awaiting opportunity to strike. And he showed off the belt.


The legendary Drew Stevenson was hosting the whole thing and brought a raw flavor to the whole thing with his raspy voice.


These two badass ladies Conny Bleicher and photog Vanessa Andrieux battled it out. Here Vanessa gets a good one right in the face but she delivered more than she took so the victory was hers.


Postland Tim hand drew his logo on Bob’s back.


The Intern got to ring the bell on the match, it was a proud moment for him.


Bob wasn’t letting any grass grow over it and got to uppercutting his opponent Victor Delerue.


Just rubbing it in. Beforehand PJ from Fluofun came over from the French camp to talk some shit and tell us Bob was going down. We all thought Victor, being the amazing snowboarder he is and well rounded athlete would def be quick on his feet and be a tough one for Bob to take out. We responded to PJ with the calm and collected just wait for it. Bob is kind of a Neanderthal madman and right before stepping in the ring we hyped him up like crazy. He definitely delivered.


His coach was a badass and great mentor.


Bob was on the prowl and towards the end of the third round you could see the fatigue starting to set in but the crowd was loving it.


We were pretty sure he had it and indeed, our man got the belt, hyped! Bob did a little victory dance in his tight leopard skin undies, classic moment.


Victory beer!


This reminded me somehow of the french film La Haine, all of a sudden one of our good friends was a boxing champion. He said: “I fucked up that croissant.” and munched it up.


We came across a rather fitting sign in the city.


Bob and Kas celebrated with a broken bike and cruised the night away in southern Germany.

We’re about to leave Holland and go for another ISPO adventure where Bob and Steef vander Meer are boxing for charity once again and this time they’re prepared. We’re looking forward, see you there perhaps.


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