Bob’s Bust

  • 19 February 2014
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Tuesday the 18th of February will go down in the books as a strange day where behindered bodies are getting bothered. Bob van Unnik gave it his best with a rocked knee and landed this triple backboard, but the clip will perhaps/likely end up on the cutting room floor. Super citizens keeping him from getting that shot here in Finland. Mix that in with little snow and cops last week forcing around Jyväskylä and you can get an indication of the trip. The newspaper headlined today: “Winter in the South is over.” Kas Lemmens, David Struber and Toni Kerkelä together with Bob have been killing the game nonetheless.


  1. Sick! Wrapping his deck on this triple.

    - Bobbly
    February 19, 2014 at 08:14
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