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  • 15 March 2014
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We received an interesting dispatch from Innsbruck by the hands and eyes of Karen Wullink. With her man Tobi Hartmuth and his accomplices from //Districts she scours the streets of Austria in search of that white stuff. Read up on their adventures right now.

In february I joined the //District crew on their trip towards East-Tyrol, Italy and Slovenia to make some photos and help out filming. The //District crew is a rather new crew based in Innsbruck that brings in some old, but also a few new faces in the scene. We started the trip with a group of 6 riders Raffael Kossmann, Julian Kossmann, Tobi Hartmuth, Paul Tiefenbacher, Christoph Wagner, Wolfgang Natterer, the filmer Philipp Romppel, myself and Charly the dog. Unfortunately, the 8th member of the crew, Christoph Schwarz, was prescribed heavy green medication to get his broken wrist healed quickly and had to stay at home.


Paul, Stoffel, Wolfi, Raffi, Tobi, Juli and Philipp

First we headed towards East-Tyrol, because we saw pictures of massive snowwalls in the cities over there, whereas it was feeling like spring in Innsbruck already. We google-map scouted a few spots in advance, but also did a lot of searching in order to find some new things to ride. Our search turned out to be rather difficult though, since there was such an amount of snow, that it was almost impossible to even see handrails.


A lot of snow in the streets. That’s what every Scandinavian is dreaming of right now I guess.


We got lucky though and found enough spots to keep us busy for a couple of days.

Tobi transferring the octa-kinked, whereas Christoph is trying to spoil the spoiler


Due to the amount of snow, people didn’t mind a couple of snowboarders and we didn’t get busted a lot. At the next spot though, we had something else in mind, but were stopped by the concierge. So we kept ourselves entertained with this wall and the help of some nearby obstacles.


Raffi 5050s the wall to backtail on the fence.

On our last day, Simon Pircher spontaneously joined us and we found the highlight of the trip: a great line with two downrails and a natural inrun.


Juli Kossmann warming up with a Frontboard

After a couple of days of rest back in Innsbruck, we moved on to Italy and Slovenia. On the way there, we still found some good spots, but the streets and paths were free of snow by then so we had to put a lot more work into everything.

Paul, Tobi & Christoph working against the heat and the sun, while Charly the dog takes a nap.

Although we knew there were some good spots in Italy and Slovenia, we didn’t have a clue where they were, so the first day over there we did nothing but search. This turned out to be harder than expected when we had to crawl on the nipple deep snow to check out a certain area (walking was impossible as we sunk in up with every step). The crawling had a certain impact on the dog’s feelings too, who was suddenly getting all in the mood.


Wolfi trying to reach “the bunker” (which turned out to be rather lame though)



*no comment*

At the end, we had some good luck and found perfect rails and other spots. Everyone was stoked and rode until it was dark every day.


Christoph, Juli, dog Charly & Tobi getting stoked after Paul landed one hell of a switch hammer.

While everyone was shovelling like a maniac to clear the stairs, our cameraman Philipp enjoyed the rare moments with no Wi-Fi in reach, to literally consume some fine pieces of literature.


Philipp deeply focused on his book.


Christoph “Stoffel” Wagner preparing for a detonation on that rough concrete


This is Wolfi twerking a 50-50 around the curve just to redirect his Dino into the small tranny.

On our way back, we used the last snow to shoot a classic downrail with skatestops and another creative spot.


Here is Paul boardsliding the skate-stopped-rail

Conditions were great for reading in the sun as well!


The hard life of Philipp the cameraman!

Watch out for the moving shots of the trip which will be in the upcoming movie called “common cause” presented by Skatedeluxe somewhere in October.

Check out //District on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/districtsnowboarding and Instagram http://instagram.com/districtsnowboarding

We’re actually in the same eastern hood right now, more on that later though. Thanks Karen for the report!


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