Burton Jibfest 2014 Recap

  • 18 June 2014
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On the 14th of june the annual Burton Jibfest went down in Snowworld Zoetermeer. Luc Buthker decided he wanted to step it up a notch and he did. The setup was bigger than last year but still left room for creative ways to ride. With over 100 riders competing, new talent and established names, bangers were going down. Check out the official recap by Bart Martens.

Oh yeah, there were results too:

Men sponsored
1. Kas Lemmens
2. Roel van Oosterhout
3. Jesse Augustinus
4. Thijs Ottens
5. Simon Houlind

Men non-sponsored
1. Jochen Greven
2. Jesper vd Scheer
3. Pieter Kral

1. Charlotte van Gils
2. Rachida Aoulad El Haj Amar
3. Giulia Lach de Bere

1. Niek van der Velden
2. Philip Lach de Bere
3. Matthias Kral




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