This is one babyface in 2011 you'll be seeing developed a lot more into adolescence this year.
Here's one crabby O-leg mafakka you def won't be seeing this year.
Wow, 4 photos in one starting with a nuclear or crail whatevs from little pank panther Max de Vries, he ain't so little no more either these days. Cees Wille and Rachida Aoulad doubling up on some fun. Jonathan Begley lippin that stepdown rail and coming in hot as an outsider from Finland swooping the win in 2012. Jeroen Kooistra is a little G and boardslides through the kinks like it ain't no thang.
Jules Hense has come up since O-12 here already handling that elbow with some smooth frontblunts. Yung Augustinus is another kid that's been on the rise steadily, he usually keeps it real solid but likes to slip in a little George Michael for funsies too. Lil Max with that noseslide to nosepress combo heat. Jochen Greven is one of those younglings whose got in incredible amount of tricks these days and has had this photo as his profile pic on facebook since it first came out two years ago.
Bob Van Unnik wil surely be attending to cause the ruckus and press his TBT like here on the beer.
Simon Houlind is one stylish Danish goodhearted all smiles fella with taps, shifties and tech stuff all over the place.
Max getting a little line ending with that hardway cab2.
Jacco Bos aka Nacco Flacco busting through that elbow. This guy is generally going wild with complete disregard for personal safety.
All these homies came out for the LA River session which was one epic time turning that quaint town of Valkenswaard inside out.
Rasmus Nielsen doesn't need eyes to see where he's heading.
Will Smitherines tuckknee over that trapezoid like a bad bitch dangling from a stripperpole. Apparently this was the thing to do in the local watering hole/dancing joint.
Kas Lemmens has a brother called Lex Lemmens, this is not his brother though. Wallieflipper tuckknee.
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Rail Riots Throwback

  • 7 August 2014
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In just two shorts weeks the fourth edition/year of the now infamous Rail Riots will be taking place at Montana Snowcenter. Since we are capable of being slaves to hasjtags we figured this day would be a good one to honor the almighty TBT, triple base technology(?), no it’s something about a Thursday and going back in time to showcase previous accomplishments still holding relevance or providing a certain type of infotainment. With that out of the way let’s see where it started and how far these Riots have become since their birth in 2011 by a few stills taken along that road to puberty/early adolescence. There are always prizes given out for third, second and first and some other awards for the kids but these days are mainly about having a grand ol’ time on yer board where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in the climatic dry month of August in relation to the snowfall the Northern Hemisphere receives. Here we went.

So make sure to get your ass involved, it’s all going down on 22, 23 and the 24th of August in the South of the Netherlands. The first showing of DVP’s new films Octopus will even take place during the event! Check here for more info and signing up http://www.postlandtheory.com/. See you all there!


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