Private 10Y Birthday Fest Party Bus

  • 18 September 2014
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Party people list up! As you probably already know the Private 10y Birthday Fest is getting closer, the 11th of October to be exact. Things are gonna be golden insane and beyond mayhem. Of course theMustachio are gonna be a part of that and we hope you too. For that, together with Private, we arranged a brilliant deal which will bring you a ticket for the party, pleasure, more money to spend on Belgian beers and a two way party bus ticket. Anything else needed?


Don’t wait any longer and book your seat for the soon to become party of the century.
All of the following for an insane price of 25 euro

  • Private 10y Birthday Fest ticket
  • Bus ticket from the Hague/Rotterdam to Antwerp and back.
  • 10 years of Private’s Snowboarding History (movie)
  • Partihii!
  • Flamish Fair
  • Mini-ramp

For those that already bought their ticket we have special price 15 euro.

Saturday 11 October
16:00  – The Hague Central Station
16:30 – Rotterdam (exact time and location will follow)
03:00 – Back home

How to join?
Send an e-mail to with your name and if you need a partyticket or not.
You’ll receive a mail with all the information for the payment and all that’s necessary. No money is no seat is no fun.

Important to know..
We have place for 57 people. Be quick because full = full. When we don’t reach the 57 seats there’s a chance that we have to cancel the bus so gather everyone that’s down for a party.

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