Mustachio Approved: The Zygote Twin by Arbor

  • 31 October 2014
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For the past couple of years snowboarding finds it influences more and more from both surfing and skateboarding. You can see it in the way of riding but probably more in the equipment we use. Graphics are being copied and shapes are exchanged back and forth. A perfect example of a board with skate and surf influence is the new Zygote Twin by Arbor Snowboards also known as the Z-twin. Today, Halloween, is the day that it will be in stores and ready for sale. But before you are heading the shop for spending your money on it we wanted to let you know what we, as super professionals, think of this board.  

Our testing panel tested the board on different aspects of what we think that are important for snowboarders in this era:

Swagger: will it do good to your image?
Moveability: we rather pose but if we have to how will the board come down?
Jibberish: will it handle your heavy trickery?
Sprayability: what’s a board without sprayability?
Will we buy it: would we buy one ourself?


The Zygote Twin!

Let’s go.


As real snowboarders we base our decision of buying on the looks. For that reason we start this test by how ridiculous the shape of this board is. Arbor is pretty much on top in this years list of weird snowboards with this skate-look-a-like. It has the looks of a directional board with that stomp nose and a square tail, based on old school skatedeck, as if you didn’t know.

Maybe more important is what other people think of the board you are riding. You want other people to have a rad opinion about you by seeing your board. We gave it a try and according to some of the reactions we had people seem to like it without even knowing what kind of board it is. If we had printed the board on a piece of cardboard they’d dig it too.

“Wow rad powderboard!”
“Another board with a gnarly shape, what board is it?”
“Sooo sick!”
“Can I ride it?”

Are the looks of the Zygote functional? We find out in the next tests. But we do know that it makes a gnarly shredder without a single trick. So I guess it passed the Swag test.


Get this thing set up.


What’s the best way to test a board on it’s cornering and grip? Exactement; the good ol’ Vitelli roundhouse.  We can be short; this board is Vitelli approved. The board gives back what you ask for x 10. Want to go left insanely fast? The Zygote will bring you to the left before you notice. You can go ride this board how you want it to be because it’s easy to constrain, on any surface.

Even though some genius at Arbor Snowboards came up with this magnetraction-like construction which extends the wideness of the board under your binders it couldn’t keep me on my feet while performing a perfect flat out Vitelli on a Z-twin 155 with shoe size 43, caught edge strike out!


The Zygote is soo easy to handle!


When I unpacked the board I was a little sceptic about the board biased by the shape of it. How is a shape like this gonna get me down the park convenient. When I read the description a bit more careful it says; Non-Sym True Twin with parabolic camber. Immediately some questions arise in my head;  Excellent marketingterms but how’s that work and how is this deck going to handle steel, will it croissant me around it instantly? 


Decent rail carving garantueed!

From the start this deck felt good how a parkboard should be. It’s buttery, good presses, pops around the park like a donkey and is stable when needed. Of course this deck has it’s cons when jibbing: That squared tail. This is something mental when riding backwards. But you’ll somehow get used to it after a bunch of runs. On the other side you can leave the afterbang claim “yeah that was switch”. The observant viewer will notice when riding switch anyway.  


Despite the squared tail you can take it up down hardway easyway, it works!


After a comprehensive moveability and jibberish evaluation we got our beepers, shovels and airbags ready for the more risky part of the test: sprays.

We decided Robin was the one to perform these ground actions, with his wide and musculair torso he’s able to transfer pure energy from his torso trough his short legs, the shortest possible way, into the board.

As you might understand we needed to find a wide open field with plenty of fresh dump. Attach a bluebird to that and it would be perfect. For this occasion in the Netherlands we’d say ‘helaas pindakaas’ (unfortunately peanut butter) because we had non of that. After scoping for hours all we could find was a pile of scraped snow on the very side of an icy slope. Add some artificial LED sunshine to that and know our setup; excellent conditions for testing the Zygote on it’s diversity.

After a couple successful snowplow sprays Robin mentioned how steady the Zygote 155 is on ‘relative’ high speed when straight lining to the impact zone at the bottom of the slope. When he arrived at the zone he cornered his board tightly in an 90 degree angle to release the bomb towards the unsuspecting skiërs. “This felt so natural..” Robin said.

By measuring the size of the cloud Robin created we have to say that it passed the test.


Discosprays are the best.

Would we get one?

Fair enough; I wouldn’t buy a board with a shape like this unless I’m pretty sure it’s a rad and functional powderstick. But now we had the change to get our hands on the Z-Twin for testing I’d be more stoked to maybe buy one. Eventually it passed all the tests we did. To be clear the Zygote doesn’t really do much different than any other parkboard except for the extra grip and not to forget the reactions you get from your fellow snowboarders. He drifts when you want, slides when you want and goes aerial ballistic if you ask for it.

A little size recommandation:
I’m 1.89 and this 155 is great for cruising indoors. Can you touch your feet when standing straight (1.70) a 155 might be too big.

More info about the Zygote!

Website: arborcollective.com/snowboards/


There’s a bunch of dealers that will have the Zygote Twin in stock.


The Netherlands

Albstr. 4
D-72764 Reutlingen

St. Olafstraat 6
NL-7418CG Deventer

Hungy Hills Boardshop
Friedrich-Ebertt-Ring 10
D-56068 Koblenz

Dujivestein Wintersport
Valeriusstraat 63
NL-2517HN Den Haag

Frankfurter Str. 59
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg


Boardshop Freiburg
Karlsruher Strasse 36
D-79108 Freiburg


Hamann Ziegenstall
Quellenstrasse 7/1
D-74336 Brackenheim


Blue Tomato


Amanstrasse 10
D-94469 Deggendorf


Schloßstr. 17
D-86732 Oettingen





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