Rock a Rail 2014 Countdown

  • 19 November 2014
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Within two days, 22 of November, the Rock a Rail mayhem will hit the Grote Markt for the fourth time. The normally so cozy and humble square will be unrecognisable this Saturday. GV Constructions and his man will turn this place, once again, into an urban snow valhalla extra ordinaire. Stairs, steel, planters, walls and everything else you’ll need for a gnarly setup.

We were kinda concerned that some of the big names wouldn’t compete this years edition because the organisation postponed it twice but luckily most of ‘m are still down for riding this legendary contest.

Can’t be there? No stress Method Mag will be streaming the whole shabam to the internet!

Check here what’s going on?
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It’s actually a copy of last years setup but Gerben Verweij wouldn’t be GV if he didn’t put an extension somewhere in the setup. Check out that new rail attached to the wall, that’s gonna bruise some bones for sure!

rockarail1 rockarail2

‘Confirmed’ Riderslist

1. Halldór Helgason ICE
2. Forest Bailey USA
3. Eiki Helgason ICE
4. Ethan Morgan GER
5. Ted Borland USA
6. Len Roald Jørgensen NOR
7. Gulli Gudmundsson ICE
8. Toni Kerkela FIN
9. Dominik Wagner AT
10. Ludde Lejkner SWE
11. Benny Urban GER
12. Erik Karlsson SWE
13. Will Smith UK
14. Eirik Nesse NOR
15. Zebbe Landmark SWE
16. Nejc Ferjan SVN
17. Tor Lundstrom SWE
18. Flo Corzelius AT
19. Simon Houlind DEN
20. David Struber AT
21. Max Zebe IT
22. Marvin Salmina AT
23. Raffael Kossmann AT
24. Andy Nudds UK
25. Michi Schatz AT
26. Kas Lemmens NL
27. Cees Wille NL
28. Jesse Augustinus NL
29. Max de Vries NL
30. Bob van Unnik NL
31. Roel van Oosterhout NL
32. Rachida Aoulad NL
33. Dina Treland NOR
34. Giulia Lach de Bere NL
35. Veroniqi Hanssen NL
36. Ivika Jürgenson EST


Friday November 21st
09:00 | Rock A Rail training till 18:00 @ The Uithof
19:00 | doors open Rock A Rail movie night @ Supermarkt
19:30 | “In The Dutch Mountains” documentary
20:00 | Jesse Burtner from Think Thank presenting his movies “right turn, left turn” and “almanac”
21:00 | Premiere “connecting the dots” – Postland Theory
22:30 | “Kamchacka”
23:30 | Weekender! (DJ’s)

Saturday November 22nd
15:00 | signing session
16:00 | riders course training
17.00 | qualifying heat #1
18:00 | qualifying heat #2
19.00 | qualifying heat #3
20.00 | woman’s final
21:00 | Men’s final
21.45 | prize ceremony
22.00 | Monster Energy after party @ Supermarkt
22.30 | Playground Zer0
23:30 | Sexual snowboarding NoToBo // Helgasons
00:00 | DJ Mike Rock 01.30 | DJ Friss


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