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  • 30 December 2014
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Ever heard of KORUA? After this you have. First of all it’s KORUA Shapes and secondly but maybe as important they design and build gnarly snowboards/powdersticks or whatever you want to call a powderfloating device. All made by Swiss geniuses Nicholas Wolken, Stephan Maurer and Thomas Stöckli.

Their video (yes, the one up here) made us curious for more so we checked out their website and what we found is a range of different powder slashers with different variations of shapes: cut out, puzzle, diamond, asym, vampire teeth.. apparently nothing is to crazy for the Swiss. Time for a talk with one of the guys KORUA guys Nicholas Wolken.


KORUA sounds like some kind of Maori way to say hello. Tell us about it?
Nicholas: It started of as a fantasy name. Right from the start we really liked the sound KORUA had, it also reminded us of to an Island, like a happy place. Then we found out about its meaning, which is “Jewel” in Finnish and “You the people” in Maori… KORUA was born.

Hah! So we’re pretty close here…
Something different; what’s up with the artwork, who’s the absolute creative mastermind of the artwork you guys put on the decks?

Nicholas: Stephan (Maurer) is the mastermind putting all the pieces together to create the designs and logo as it is now. We spent many hours asking ourselves and close friends what they liked most on their snowboard. The answer was usually something simple, timeless and a red base ;-).

Hands down for Stephan here.
You guys are an all Swiss company, right? Why did you choose to produce the boards in Austria, aren’t there factories in Swiss who are interested in producing an all Swiss snowboardbrand?

Nicholas: We are working on a new way to make snowboards with edges from blanks. For this technology we needed a special setup and equipment, which we found it Germany. Unfortunately that factory closed down after we had already done 3 series of prototypes. So when that happened we were really late and basically had to make the decision whether to miss a whole season or build a limited edition of our shapes like regular snowboards. Being so late, we were happy to get them into GST (ed. Global Sports Technologies snowboards, Austria) with its high quality standards.

Can you spoil any of the good things that are coming?
Nicholas: What can I say… we will be coming up with some splitboards, and of course more and innovative shapes – that is or main goal.

Splitboards and more innovative shapes you are saying. Any DIY projects, referring to the handsaw in the logo?
Nicholas: In Surfboard building the saw is a important shape tool, it is the initiator of great things and shapes. We like these affiliations with shaping surfboards since what we want to do is bring back original surf culture in to snowboarding. Of course you can make your own split from a KORUA board, but the performance of DIY splitboards never satisfied us so we definitely will bring out high quality splitboards asap.

Thanks Nicholas.



Of course we had to try one of the boards ourself to see if Nicholas wasn’t just fooling us.

The Test!
So, Nicholas brought one of the Stealth 163’s to Laax so I could try the Vampire tail. I was more than stoked to see that the 1.63 wasn’t rising above my head, close call with my 1.70. When I put the binders on I was expecting this board ride like one of those Rad-Air tankers 1.90 with the wide floaty nose and it’s length. But nevertheless this wasn’t an issue at all. Snappy laybacks thanks to the short and squared tail and hovering powder with ease because of the lift the massive nose gives. Excellent for a small fat lazy guy like me.

This board is definitely real fun to ride. If you are looking for a reasonable priced powderboard to extend your quiver, instead of buying a 800 euro carbonfiber powderboard check out:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-05 um 21.10.41


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